Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing Weapon 166 - Location

When selecting the location of a retail business, Guerrillas seek a location that already has a flow of prospects.   Guerrillas understand that as they convert prospects into customers, the convenience of their location is paramount so they carefully consider the make-up of the neighboring business to ensure that there are multiple draws for their target customers.  Equally, a Guerrilla will be looking at the fusion marketing opportunities with neighboring businesses to drive prospects to each other.

If you have a juice bar, locating next to a gym positions you well to attract a regular flow of prospects and customers.  

Once the location is selected, now it's time to make your business irresistible to prospects.  Where others look at a location and see "what is" a Guerrillas sees what "could be" and they look for opportunities to re-invent a space and create buzz that draws prospects from word of mouth.

Let's take a closer look at how the juice bar example took a simple "cookie-cutter" retail plaza location and went outside of the box.

A Guerrilla starts their design inside the customers in mind.   Your market research will guide you to understand their needs and  wants which will help you create an experience that surpasses their expectations, making your location memorable and top of mind. 

  • Would your business benefit from outdoor seating but you're unable to utilize the outdoor space?  Bring the sidewalk indoors. 
  • Engage your customers. Invite them to sit, relax and stay a while.  A Guerrilla knows the importance of making every moment satisfying, simple and worthwhile for the customers.
  • Placing your lounge area at the entrance of the store creates a welcome and inviting environment for prospects.  Since that area is a first impression, keeping the area tidy and clean is important.
  • Ensure your customers are connected.  Make sure your location has great wireless coverage and/or provide free wi-fi.  A satisfied and connected customer is likely to share your location with their friends.  Every Guerrilla appreciates the power of a testimonial/share as it builds their business with low cost and high profits.

Five things every customer needs -

  1. The need to feel welcome
  2. The need to feel comfortable
  3. The need to feel important
  4. The need to feel understood
  5.  The need to feel appreciated

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

  • Make it easy for customers to experience your products.  A sample table at the front of your location is a great way to turn prospects into customers.  Sampling also gives your customers the opportunity to  discover more reasons to love your business and even more of your products.
  • Make the elements of your decor, from furniture to art to music, a match to your customers.  The juice bar example chose a casual decor that works well for shoppers and for those who are pre or post a good workout.

Once you've selected your location and turned the "what is" into "what could be", you're work as a Guerrilla has just begun.


The 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons Can Guide You To Success. 

"Your constant and never-ending task:  to augment your marketing arsenal, understanding, and prowess, leaving your competitors shuddering at the very mention of your name.”

Excerpted from – Guerrilla Marketing / (Kindle)

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Think Like a Guerrilla and Win at Business

Think Like a Guerrilla and Win at Business.

Let's say you own a restaurant franchise and you provide deliveries in your company van. That van is stolen, crashed and left abandoned. What would you do?

A Guerrilla marketer sees an opportunity to turn the situation into a positive story. You take to social media offering a year of free food for the person whose identification of the suspect leads to an arrest, while promising anonymity.

News spreads from coast to coast; online, radio, TV, print and even better, the chatter is consistently focused on how fantastic it would be to get a year of free food at your restaurant. Voila, for the tiny investment of a year of free food, you launched a campaign that garnered thousands of dollars in positive media exposure (not to mention the person was identified and arrested within a couple of days).

The media exposure isn’t the only win. The community is appreciative of the extra effort given to get a criminal apprehended, making their neighborhood safer. Guerrillas value the importance of their community and seek to make connections and offer help to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

“Guerrillas are always ready to exploit small windows of opportunity with all their energy, passion, and resources. The world and the internet move very fast. Sometimes marketing and business opportunities come quickly. Being at the right place at the right time is only one part of the formula. Being prepared and ready to take advantage of these opportunities is the magic ingredient in the formula for success.”

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

So what separates Guerrillas from the ordinary? Here are some differences in the way a Guerrilla business owners thinks:

  • Where other’s see problems, Guerrillas see opportunities.
  • Guerrillas prepare for their opportunities. They have a plan in place and have made their business scalable when demand increases.
  • Guerrillas capitalize on opportunity and are prepared for the momentum they can generate.
  • Guerrillas have a leadership mentality and always look for what’s next. They work to set the trend by being focused on the needs, now and in the future, of the their customers and prospects.


The 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons Can Guide You To Success. 

"Guerrillas often start with a big goal, a plan, and only part of the resources they need to reach that goal. When they get stuck, or come across a challenge, they don't back off or try an easier route. They inventory what they need to learn or discover to take the next step and they intensely focus on that competency until they master it."

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

Want to know more about the company and their stolen van?  It's Chick-fil-A in Cartersville, Georgia and here is the Facebook post.

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Are You Ready for Small Business Saturday – Shop Small?

Are You Ready for Small Business Saturday - Shop Small?

As 2017 comes closer to its end - it can only mean that Small Business Saturday is just around the corner. This fantastic marketing campaign is a gift to Guerrilla marketers and Guerrillas embrace marketing opportunities that are placed right into their laps - especially those that are low cost.

According to the National Retail Federation, an annual study conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, reports that consumers say they will spend an average $967.13 this year which is a 3.4% increase over last year.

So, how can you make sure you're fully leveraging your opportunity?

A shopper that’s ready to buy is a Guerrilla’s perfect prospect and to make it even better, American Express is doing a lot of the heavy lifting (i.e. marketing spend) on behalf of their customers.

If you accept American Express - they offer a fantastic array of tools to ensure that you drive sales and Guerrillas will leverage their program to their maximum benefit. Be sure to utilize every free benefit offered. American Express offers banner ads, map listing, customizable and downloadable marketing materials and more.

American Express also provides tools to help you rally other small businesses and shoppers in your area (Neighborhood Champion). After all, the greater the concentration of participating businesses in your area equals an appealing opportunity for shoppers to park once and tick off many items on their shopping list.

Your job as a guerrilla: Make every single moment of the experience satisfying, simple and worthwhile for the customer.

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

Once you've utilized the right Guerrilla tools to drive customers to your door, now you must be prepared to turn everyone that enters your door, from a prospect into a customer.  A good starting place is to do a review and ensure that your easy to do business with and exceeding customers expectations at every turn.  Take a look at:

  • Signage - are you clearly communicating your hours, pricing, promotions and policies?
  • Parking - free and easy parking is always a benefit for your prospects. 
  • Giveaways - who doesn't like to receive something for free?  It not only creates a warm introduction with your prospects, it also creates a desire to reciprocate.   
  • Promotions - are they simple to understand and clearly communicated by your employees?
  • Gift cards - the popularity of gift cards is ever growing and you want to make the purchase process very simple.  If your business sells a significant percentage of cards, consider having an express line during busy hours.
  • Staffing - are you prepared to make your customers purchases quick and effortless?  Guerrillas spend time training, incentivizing and testing their employees to ensure that they represent the business and deliver the desired message.
  • Ambiance of your store - are you creating an atmosphere that incentives purchases?  From the attire of your employees, to the fragrance of your store, the music and even the temperature of your store - every detail entices or detracts.
  • Diversity - Remember that many occasions are celebrated during the holiday season and as a Guerrilla you want to make every customer and prospect feel welcome and appreciated.  
  • Selfie Station - create a selfie frame with your business name and encourage prospects to snap photos and share.  
  • Free Wi-Fi and Comfortable Seating - whether it's your prospect or for those who might be along nearly against their will, having a place to rest for a moment is a welcome find to shoppers. 
  • Customers - have you created programs that make purchasers want to be customers?  This is your opportunity to over-deliver and  make consumers want to come back and want to hear more from you.  Take advantage of this opportunity and create relationships with new customers.  Perhaps promote a free customer appreciation event (a week or two later) that you promote this weekend.   Let customers know when they make the purchase, include a bag stuffer and be sure to have your new customer bring a friend that they they think might enjoy your store as well.

Your job as a Guerrilla is to turn what could be an ordinary experience for a prospect into an extraordinary experience that turns them into a customer that can't wait to tell everyone they know about your business.  Guerrilla profits soar when delighted customers share the memorable experience of doing business with you. 


The 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons Can Guide You To Success. 

"Marketing is not a single one of the 200 weapons.  It's the wise use of many of them in combination with each other.

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

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Are You Planning Your Success?

Are You Planning Your Success?

It's important to remember that a plan is not the same as control.  Just because you have a plan, it does not mean things are going to go the way of your plan.  Your plan won't control all of the variables that will come into play.  Where the Guerrilla will separate themselves is through the work they put into creating their plan.

The Guerrilla possesses the insight to begin planning with research.  Although the soul of planning exists within the mind of the planner, the heart resides in the research he or she does.  Knowledge gained from research will provide stability and reality to a plan while balancing boldness and timidity .  It will guide the hopes and ambitions of the planner while pointing to goals and tactics.  The more concrete the research, the more sensible the plan.

“Be clear on this: Research – although it can often serve as the spark for breakthrough thinking – is not intended to be a substitute for inspiration”

- Guerrilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

Plans gain strength as Guerrillas gain wisdom in these areas:

  • Product or Service:  Guerrillas learn what makes it different, better, desirable. They find ways to improve it and add value to it.
  • Benefits:  What are the benefits offered by the product and what are the unique benefits you offer? These should be reflected in the marketing plan.
  • Market:  Plans exist not in a vacuum but in relationship to an entire marketplace. Guerrillas become experts in their market before planning.
  • Industry:  Guerrillas want to see their industry as a whole to help them spot vulnerabilities and opportunities, to learn from successes and failures.
  • Competition:  Sane marketing plans are created according to dreams adjusted to competitive activity. Guerrillas are rarely taken by surprise.
  • Customers:  Rich sources of Guerrilla data are customers of Guerrillas and customers of competitors.
  • Prospects:  Savvy marketing plans specify who these people are because research identified and located them prior to the plan being created.
  • Media:  Guerrillas learn the best ways to reach their target prospects and incorporate the media in their marketing plan.
  • Technology:  Because speed and efficiency can spur effective marketing, Guerrillas look into how technology can propel them to their goals.

The end result of research should be an arrow pointing in the right direction and a bow with the power to get the arrow to the target.  The marketing plan is the quiver in which the bow and arrow are kept.


Guerrilla Marketing Weapon #78

Research Studies

“Just as one hallmark of the Guerrilla marketer is ongoing learning, another is ongoing research. Researching your marketplace should never stop”

- Guerrilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

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What Are Your Dreams?

What Are Your Dreams?

Many times people establish a goal and they set out to achieve it.  Whether it's your own business, a professional or personal objective most people see the goal and then work to get themselves from where they are to where they want to go.

Guerrillas plan backwards, beginning with the attainment of their loftiest goals in the future, then working back to the present.  If you can allow yourself to visualize success, the path to it will be easier to find.

The greatest challenge is allowing yourself to dream beyond the potential you may think you have.  To allow yourself to see and believe that you can achieve your dreams will allow you to move from shortsightedness (focusing only on the path) to the unlocking of your potential to transform.

“The one thing I’ve learned working with great entrepreneurs - Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Google - that if you want to make a difference, you better think big and dream right from day one.”
- Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook

Barnard College. New York. 17 May 2011. Commencement Address.

As you allow yourself to dream, you'll likely run smack into perceived obstacles.  Instead of allowing those perceptions to stop you, what if you chose to believe that you're at your goal and your looking back - realizing that you attained your goals all along as you were planning for your distant future?

Guerrillas visualize their company at its finest in twenty years in order for it to operate at its peak in ten years.  By knowing what must be accomplished for optimum performance, you can see where you must be in five years.  That helps you concentrate upon what must be done by the end of one year.  By working through that process it will be easy to know what you've got to do tomorrow, today and right now.


Guerrilla Marketing Weapon #1

Marketing Planning

"Guerrillas often start with a big goal, a plan, and only part of the resources they need to reach that goal. When they get stuck, or come across a challenge, they don't back off or try an easier route. They inventory what they need to learn or discover to take the next step and they intensely focus on that competency until they master it."

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

Guerrilla businesses operate by marketing plans that factor in success, growth, change and flexibility.  A Guerrilla achieves with a plan that clearly shows the path upon which he or she is traveling and the destination.  The Guerrilla plan helps in all decision-making -- from advertising to personnel.  It has room for expansion, diversification and success.  Although it enables the business to operate in the here and now, it keeps a sharp focus on the there and then.

The Guerrilla plans shine a bright light far ahead, illuminating a target that exists in the mind of the owner.  That owner must put that same target into the minds of those who work with him/her -- the employees and coworkers, marketing partners and suppliers.

Check out the next post, "Are You Planning Your Success?" for more information.

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Guerrilla Businesses Set Themselves Apart With Customer Attention

Guerrilla Businesses Set Themselves Apart With Customer Attention.

Your marketing can say all the right words and tell customers how important they are to you, but are you walking your own talk?  Are you merely delivering what customers expect or, more importantly, are you exceeding their expectations?

If you're not taking concrete steps beyond mere words, to show them that you care, they might be easily wooed away by a competitor. 

Guerrillas know that there's a world of difference between customer care and customer attention. A company can lavish attention upon their customers, but only the Guerrillas excel at caring and know how to make customers feel sincerely cared for, because it's genuine. Guerrillas also understand the value of contact time with their customers and they cherish the benefits for themselves and their customers.

“Guerrillas have learned, though they may have always suspected it in their bones, that the more they give, the more they receive.  They are extremely imaginative about what they can give, shifting their generosity into high gear and seeing the world through the eyes of their customers.”

- Guerrilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

Here's how Guerrillas set themselves apart:

1.  Be genuinely committed to providing more customer service excellence than anyone else in your industry. This commitment must be so powerful that every one of your customers experiences it.

2.  Prepare a written document outlining the principles of your customer service. The difference between great Guerrilla companies and other companies is the difference between words and action. Successful Guerrilla's get everyone walking, talking and believing in the company principles.

3.  Do all that you must to instill in employees a truly deep appreciation of the value and your principles of customer service. They should see how this service relates to the profits of the business and the direct impact/benefit on their future.

4.  Be certain that your passion for customer service runs rampant throughout your company and not just at the top. Everyone should embody it. 


Guerrilla Marketing Weapon #122, Satisfied Customers.

5.  Establish support and training systems that help you out-service any competitor by meeting your customers needs and exceeding their expectations by giving them more by solving problems before they arise. Develop a precise measurement of superior customer service. Reward employees who practice it consistently and replace those who don't with people who render superior service.

6.  Remember that the friendliest employee cannot meet a customers needs if the employee is not well trained and isn't providing the information that a customer seeks. Providing an easy knowledge database and constant training for your employees is a crucial Guerrilla component of providing excellent service. It's also important to inspect what you expect and test and monitor your employees to ensure that they are providing service excellence.

7.  What customers value most are ease, attention, dependability, promptness, appreciation and competence. They love being treated as individuals and being referred to by their name. Don't you?

8.  Be easy to do business with whether it's online or in your physical location that you design for efficiency, clarity of signage, lighting, handicap accessibility and simplicity. Everything should be easy to find.

"Make it easy to learn about you, to contact you, to park, to pay, to get service, to obtain information.  Don't waste one precious second of a customer's time or you'll probably never hear from that customer again."

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

9.  Be sure that everyone in your company who deals with customers pays very close attention to the customer. Ask questions of your customers, then listen carefully to their answers. Ask customers to expand upon their answers. Listening to your customers helps you stay alert for trends so you can respond to them. Each customer should feel unique and special after they've contacted you or been contacted by you.

10.   Nurture a human bond as well as a business bond with customers and prospects. Do favors for them. observe birthdays and anniversaries. Share knowledge and educate them. Help them. Give gifts. Play favorites. Entertain them. Network with them and provide them opportunities to network with each other when appropriate. Your customers deserve to be treated this special.

11.  Be sure to establish with your prospects and customers how they want you to communicate with them as well as how they can easily communicate with you. Guerrillas stay in touch with their customers. They do it with emails, letters/postcards, newsletters, blogs, phone calls, questionnaires and in person. Don't be afraid to ask your customers for suggestions about your service and your product or offering.

"Your job as a guerrilla: Make every single moment of the experience satisfying, simple and worthwhile for the customer."

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

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Directory and Yellow Page Advertising – Is It For You?

Directory and Yellow Page Advertising – Is It For You?

Among the bevy of advertising choices you’re faced with, there are endless directories to consider. Many people think only of online directories making it easy to dismiss Yellow Page advertising as a thing of the past. However, for many businesses its worth taking the time to consider if your business can benefit from Yellow Page or other directory advertising. 

Just yesterday I found a printed Yellow Page directory on my doorstep and I was a bit taken aback as I realized how long it had been since I had seen a printed yellow pages. Though I’d placed a vast amount of these ads more a decade or more ago and I know how effective they can be, I was still surprised by the substantial volume of the book (which covers a much larger geographic area than it did in the past) and the vast number of advertisers.

For many businesses directory advertising is an important component of their overall strategy.  So let’s look at variables to consider when it comes to directory advertising.

  • Target - According to YP.com, they receive nearly 60 million consumer visits per month.  While you can debate the quantity or quality of visits what is unique about their visitors is that they are looking to fulfill a need.  91% of YP users contacted a business, most within 24 hours.  The demographics in your area are a key consideration in determining if printed directories are right for you.
  • Reach - There are many directories to consider and the reach of a directly is something to consider.  Do they offer print, online and an app?
  • Competition – One of the most important factors to consider is whether or not your competitors are advertising.  If they are not, a simple listing might suffice.  However, if they are advertising you do want to take notice and evaluate all data that the director provides regarding your category.

If you decide that directory advertising is a good fit, here are some tips to consider when developing your advertisement.

“Give a lot of information in your ad.  This is not a newspaper ad, so visuals count for less and specifics count for more.  This is an arena where purchase decision are made, so give many, many reason to patronize your business.”

- Guerrilla Advertising, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

  • Pick the low hanging fruit – take advantage of free online listings and build out your profile and monitor comments / reviews.  Maximizing your online footprint will help with your search engine optimization.  
  • Track your impact - many sites will provide stats so you can gauge the effectiveness of the listing.  Be sure to include the directory in your surveys when asking customers how they heard about you so you can independently evaluate effectiveness and compare it to data from the directory provider.
  • Be careful how you leverage your advertising - don’t direct your prospects/customers to reviews or testimonials in a directory because you are directing them to see your competition as well.
  • Category – which category or categories best suit your business?  Once you determine which categories interest you, take a look at the advertisers in those categories.
  • Size – first take a look at the size of the competitors’ ads.  You have the opportunity to appear as large or possibly larger than your competitors.

“Guerrillas have learned to control the page in their yellow pages directory – not by purchasing the largest ad but by running two different dimension ads on the same page.  This eliminates the possibility of anyone running a larger ad on that page.”

- Guerrilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

  • Creative – If you opt for a listing only, consider making it bold.  If you opt for a display ad, remember your audience/prospect is motivated to purchase and seeking to answer the question “who should I purchase from?”  Be sure to include your unique selling proposition and you can ask questions that make them answer yes to you.  Be sure your information is clear and you let the prospect know exactly what action you want them to take.  If you cover a certain geographic area, be sure to specify it if the directory has a reach that is larger.  Before you finalize your ad, get the input of your sales people, customer service people, existing customers and any prospects that are willing to provide input.

“Your headline can gain or lose profits for you.  Create yours with a lot of careful thought.  This advertising also places you in direct confrontation with your competition, which should inspire you to be more precise with your message”

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

  • Testimonials – request testimonials from the advertising representative.  Don’t just read the testimonial, reach out them and ask questions to learn as much as possible about their strategy, creative and results. 
  • Partner – take a look at your Fusion or Joint Venture partners to see if you might be able to share an advertisement.  Also look to your suppliers (manufacturers) for market development (or co-op) funds.

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Are Your Headlines Repelling Sales?

Are Your Headlines Repelling Sales?

Every successful Guerrilla knows that the majority of the time you spend creating a marketing weapon, should be spent creating the headline, subject line or opening line. It's the first impression you make, often the only impression, and the rest of your marketing weapons will live or die by the quality of those first few words.  

Regardless of whether it’s a headline, subject line or opening line, it’s the first thing you say to prospects. You have seconds (or fractions thereof) that will determine if people will decide to read or hear your message or to ignore you completely.  

All Guerrillas are delighted that technology makes marketing easier than ever with websites, blogs and social media that enable them to market with even more fervor. Pre-packaged marketing materials are available everywhere - but savvy Guerrillas never lose sight of the fundamentals and headlines are a cornerstone. It's the headline that dictates your positioning in your prospects' minds and it's the headline that will attract either attention or apathy. Nothing you say to a prospect is more important.  You have the opportunity tell your whole story in one line or to say something so intriguing that the prospect will want to hear more.

“The action you want from a headline if you’re a Guerrilla is for the reader to read the rest of the ad, then immediately order what you’re selling.”

- Guerrilla Advertising, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

In print, you have one line to get that attention.  On radio or TV, you have three seconds, and you have those same three seconds with any sales presentation or telemarketing calls.  Win attention and interest during that brief period or you won't win it later because there will be no later. 

Now that your thinking about the importance of headlines, here are 20 hints to help you create Guerrilla winning one:

  1. Know that your headline must either convey an idea or intrigue the reader or listener into wanting to learn more.
  2. Speak directly to the reader or listener, one at a time, even if 20 million people will be exposed to your message.
  3. Write your headline in newsy style.
  4. Use words that have the feeling of an important announcement.
  5. Test headlines that start with the word "announcing."
  6. Test headlines that use the word "new."
  7. Put a date in your headline.
  8. Feature your price, if you're proud of it, in your headline.
  9. Feature your very easy payment plan.
  10. Announce a free offer and use the word "free."
  11. Offer information of value right in your headline.
  12. Start to tell a fascinating story; Guerrillas know that marketing really is the truth made fascinating.
  13. Begin your headline with the words, "How to."
  14. Begin your headline with "why," "which," "you," "this" or "advice."
  15. Use a testimonial style headline.
  16. Offer the reader a test.
  17. Use a huge one-word headline.
  18. Warn the reader not to delay buying.
  19. Address your headline to a specific person; every day there are specific individuals who want exactly what you are offering.
  20. Set your headline in the largest type on the page and start your verbal presentations right with the headline.

Take some time to review your headlines or opening lines in all of your marketing, such as:

  • Print ads
  • Letters and postcards
  • Websites
  • Sales videos
  • TV spots
  • First statements made by sales reps
  • Search results
  • Infomercials
  • Radio commercials
  • Brochures
  • Directories
  • Trade shows and catalogs.
  • Be sure that you’re not just looking at what your headlines are saying – take the time to look at what your competitors are saying also.

    A reader or listener is looking to be stopped by something and if it's not your message it will be someone else's. In such an atmosphere, Guerrillas thrive.  Headlines and opening lines are your initial bonds to your prospects. Bend over backwards to be interesting, authentic, believed and to convey your idea.

    “The starting point for Guerrilla Advertising is not a headline, a graphic, a special effect, a music track, or a spokesperson, as in most humdrum advertising.  Instead – it’s an idea – something that is often missing from run-of-the-mill advertising.”

    - Guerrilla Advertising, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

    Headlines that draw attention away from the idea and prime offering to be humorous or shocking typically fall flat quickly.  Equally, boring and indirect headlines sabotage thoughtful copy, brilliant graphics and stupendous offers. There are far more terrible headlines than great ones so make sure you’re the one getting your prospects attention.

    Although a company cannot achieve greatness solely based upon their headlines and opening lines, without solid first impressions, its growth will be seriously impeded.  Guerrillas make sure their own headlines always get noticed, generate readership, attract responses, and result in profits.

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    Putting More Force in Your Sales Force

    Putting More Force in Your Sales Force

    Do you rely on sales people to sell your product?  If so, you can leverage and at the same time “refine” their selling talents by featuring them via video to have them sell on your website as well.

    Most companies spend very little time on the skill development of their sales people.  However, successful companies engage in ongoing training and interacting with their sales people to ensure they are growing their product knowledge and sales skills. 

    “Set aside one hour per week, every week, without fail, to work on the skills of yourself and your staff.”

    - Guerrilla Marketing Remix, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

    Assuming you have a stable sales force (low turn-over rate); by letting your sales people do some of the ongoing selling on your website, you’re able to monitor their skills while creating a warmer reception for your sales people when they meet with prospects.  Now, as your sales people visit with potential clients, who have seen then on your website, the sales barriers have been lessened by creating:

    • Familiarity - a face to put with the name.
    • Credibility – the prospect already perceives your sales person as someone worth spending some time with.

    People buy from those that they know, like and trust so your efforts to ensure that your sales force embodies those attributes will have you well positioned to win.  

    “It’s far easier to sell the solution to a problem than to sell a positive benefit.  Target the people who have the kinds of problems you can solve.”

    - Guerrilla Advertising, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

    Here are some ideas:
    • cog
      Recorded Seminars:

      - Record a round table with your sales people talking about the problems that your company has solved for your customers.

      - Hold a recorded seminar or webinar for your customers, your prospects, or your clients to discuss your solutions and upcoming products or breakthroughs.

    • cog
      Recorded Q&A:

      Record your sales people providing the answers to the frequently asked questions that your business receives from prospects and existing clients.

    • cog

      If you provide a newsletter, provide a lead-off short sales video introducing the topics that will be covered to get people more interested in your products or services.  You can also use a sales video for product or service launches that is featured in your newsletter.

    • cog

      Video blog posts are also a great way for your sales people to connect with existing customers and prospects.  You can feature them in unexpected topics such as unusual or little know ways to utilize your product or service or to cross promote a product with a joint-venture.

    Be sure to keep your video content fresh and interesting, even when it comes to static information such as the Q&A.  In the process of continually refreshing your videos, you’re creating ongoing learning and development for you sales people.  Equally, each time you post new content, you help your search engine rankings as well as your sales people will share it with colleagues, friends and family that could lead to unexpected sales opportunities.

    Note:  However you decide to utilize video, be sure to have the written permission of all involved as well as having every “i” dotted and “t” crossed when it comes to releases and other legal/business/privacy concerns.    

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    Gaining New Customers with Pilot Projects

    Gaining New Customers with Pilot Projects

    It’s often difficult to get a company or a person to agree to do business with you.  It is much simpler to get them to agree to a mere pilot project.  Even if companies or individuals are unhappy with their current suppliers, they may be reluctant to sever the relationship and sign up with you – an unknown risk to them.  You can defuse that reluctance when you demonstrate the value for them of entering into a simple pilot project with you.

    Pilot projects are very tempting to companies and to individuals because they allow these good people to see if you're as good as you say you are, without much risk.

    The confidence you demonstrate in your product or service by offering through a pilot project does a great deal to build credibility with the potential customer.  If the project is a success you open the door to taking on a larger project, then a larger one still, and eventually, all the business.

    It's tough to get an okay for all the new business.  It is far less tough to get an okay for a pilot project.  The concept of aiming for pilot projects may be applied as easily to a service business as a product business.  If you perform services, offer to perform them for only part of the customer's needs, not all of them.  Offer to perform them for a test period only, something like six weeks or so.  Maybe even less if you feel that less time will be enough for you to prove your worth and value.

    If you sell products, ask the retail buyer (your customer) to give your products prominent display, proper signage, and ample shelf space during the limited time of the pilot project.  The buyer wants to know one thing - will your products produce profits? This simple pilot project will tell.

    Guerrillas are wary of wooing new business by offering discounts -- because they know that customers who purchase by price alone are the least valuable.  Customers who purchase based only on price are more likely to be disloyal, expensive to maintain, and in the end, only fractionally as profitable as your loyal customers.  Guerrillas seek to attract and retail customers who stick around because of value, service, quality and selection.

    Although it typically costs you six times more to sell something to a new customer than to an existing customer -- which is why guerrillas market so caringly and consistently to their customers -- there is a constant need to increase your customer base.  Pilot projects are rarely profit producers all by themselves.  But they open the door to a world where profits abound, a world where relationships are lasting. That's why savvy companies and individuals say "yes" to offers of pilot projects. These projects are inexpensive learning and high potential earning opportunities.

    Once your prospects become customers, they're a source of profits for life – because Guerrillas know the crucial importance of non-stop follow-up.  The follow-up increases your profits while decreasing your cost of marketing. Remember, it's only one-sixth the cost of marketing to non-customers.

    "If you're a small company, a new venture, or a single individual, you can use the tactics of Guerrilla Marketing to their fullest. You have the ability to be fast on your feet, to use a vast array of marketing tools, and to gain access to the biggest marketing brains and get them at bargain-basement prices."

    Are you utilizing the classic 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons that every business benefits from?  If not, enter your information below and we'll send you a pdf.