When Does a Guerrilla Delegate?

When Does a Guerrilla Delegate?

When we think of entrepreneurs that inspire us, we all tend to think about an individual person instead of taking note of all the people they surround themselves with to grow their success. 

People think of:

  • Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook - but may not be aware that Facebook relies on over 25,000 employees.
  • Jeff Bezos and Amazon - but may not be aware that Amazon relies on over 560,000 employees.

Those figures, of course, don't begin to account for the number of people at the vendors and agencies that Facebook and Amazon delegate to.

So, what’s the point? The point is, that to grow your business, Guerrillas know that delegation is a powerful weapon.

Let’s look at your advertising as an example. There are several core components in establishing your Guerrilla Advertising Strategy.

  • Research
  • Defining your target audience
  • Defining your prospect action goals
  • Selecting your media
  • Developing creative and persuasive ideas
  • Production of your advertising

Guerrillas know that understanding the process of what needs to happen is important to lead yourself to success. Guerrillas also know that they can’t let themselves get in the way – instead they keep the tasks that both suit their skills and their time resources and they delegate the other components. Allow yourself to be excellent at delegating to other qualified and like-minded Guerrillas. Taking action get’s you much closer to your goals than sitting on a great idea that you don’t have enough time to execute.

"Don’t let your ego get in the way of delegating, and don’t try to do everything yourself because you want to save money. This is the primary symptom of a condition where an advertiser willfully saves dimes but wastes dollars. This is no place to save money. This is where you must not waste money."

Excerpted from – Guerrilla Advertising / (Kindle)

Delegation doesn’t just help a Guerrilla maximize their time, it also helps them tap into a larger pool of creativity, skill and talent. Through delegation, a Guerrilla finds:

  • New products to create or offer
  • New ways to engage and connect with their customers and prospects  
  • More information about your competitors (and therefore your own) strengths and weaknesses

If you’d like to delegate but you’re the dollars and cents are holding you back…you’re not utilizing your Guerrilla sense. Barter or trade goods or services, utilize fusion or affiliate partners and profit share, consider bringing partners into the business that can drive it further forward than you can (you can have the entirety of small pie or a lesser amount of a huge pie).

Ideas are just ideas – Guerrillas take action to turn ideas into profits.

Need help developing your Guerrilla advertising strategy? Spend a few minutes of your time and walk through the process of developing your advertising strategy (in just six sentences). From that point, whether you want to do it yourself or just understand the process, you’ll also learn about Guerrilla creativity (ten important things to know about Guerrilla creativity and the seven steps to unlocking your Guerrilla creativity) and the exercises to help you create and evaluate powerful marketing ideas.

Create Your Advertising Strategy and Unlock Your Guerrilla Creativity

We wish you happy and successful Guerrilla marketing.

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Is Yours a Guerrilla Business?

Is Yours a Guerrilla Business?

To market like a Guerrilla, your business must be run by Guerrilla principles. "Walking the talk" is what separates true Guerrilla businesses.  It's easy to incorporate Guerrilla Marketing weapons into your business but to truly elevate your business and your bottom line, the Guerrilla principles are incorporated throughout your business.

A Guerrilla culture of intense customer focus only happens in a business with intense employee focus. Congruence is a must. Just as beauty comes from within - a great Guerrilla business comes from within. What happens behind closed doors in a business flows straight through to the prospect and customer experience.

Is your company running by Guerrilla principles?  It’s simple to identify by looking at a few distinctions between a Guerrilla-run business and Traditional-run business.

Which business are you?

Guerrillas Stand Apart from the Rest

The Guerrilla-run Business:

  • Dynamic and learning
  • Information-rich
  • Global
  • Small and large
  • Skills-oriented
  • Team-oriented
  • Hired employees on attitude
  • Involvement-oriented
  • Lateral and networked
  • Customer-oriented
  • Engages in intense customer follow-up
  • Uses an active referral program
  • Uses disappearing task forces
  • Techno-streamlined
  • No middle management
  • Accessible 24 hours a day
  • Accessible 7 days a week
  • Flexible
  • Reveres effectiveness
  • Sells what customers need

The Traditional-run Business:

  • Stable and entrenched
  • Information-scarce
  • Local
  • Large
  • Job-oriented
  • Individual-oriented
  • Hired employees on aptitude
  • Command-oriented
  • Hierarchical
  • Job requirements-oriented
  • Does no customer follow-up
  • Has a passive or no referral program
  • Uses permanent task forces
  • Techno-reluctant
  • Abundant middle management
  • Accessible 8 hours a day
  • Accessible 5 days a week
  • Inflexible
  • Reveres efficiency
  • Sells what customers want

If your business thrives on customers - incorporate the Guerrilla principles so everyone in your business thrives on continually knowing and exceeding your prospects and customers needs and expectations.


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"Five things every customer needs -

  1. The need to feel welcome.
  2. The need to feel comfortable.
  3. The need to feel important.
  4. The need to feel understood.
  5. The need to feel appreciated."

Excerpted from – Guerrilla Marketing Remix / (Kindle)

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When Great Guerrilla Minds Come Together…You Win

When Great Minds Come Together...You Win.

Which Business Are You?

You see it in every market and every kind of business: Two companies, both about equal in products, services, experience… you name it. Yet one seems to always be growing, with a constant stream of new customers even though she does hardly any advertising.

The other, he seems to never achieve more than mediocre sales, even though he spends a lot of money promoting his business.

The owner of one can afford the home her family deserves, take extended vacations, spend quality time with her loved ones. Her kids' have their college tuition in the bank, and their financial future is secure. 

The other?

From outside the business looks successful. But the owner's reality isn't as rosy. He struggles with cash flow issues, puts in 60, sometimes 70 hours a week or more. The stress is having a negative effect on his health… and relationships. Financially, everything he has is tied up in the business. There is no quality time, no life other than keeping the business going, no future except more of the same.

What is the "edge" that gives one the life and lifestyle every entrepreneur and business owner dreams of while the other is literally giving his life for his business? More to the point, which business do you want yours to be?

The one universal "game changer" for small businesses and entrepreneurs is having low-cost, highly-effective marketing strategies and tactics that bring in new clients, generate ongoing sales revenues, create endless referrals, all for little or no money: Guerrilla Marketing.

When Jay wrote Guerrilla Marketing in 1984 he started a revolution in marketing that became the best known marketing brand in history. Named by Time as one of the “25 Most Influential Business Management Books” of all time, Jay’s concepts have sold over 25 million copies in over 65 languages.

Traditional or “regular” marketing requires spending lots of dollars on advertising to get more brand recognition and generate more sales. Jay realized small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t typically have lots of money, but you have other ways to get the word out if you invest time, energy and imagination. As Jay said, “money helps, but is not as necessary as time, energy and imagination.”

He coined the term "Guerrilla Marketing" to describe hundreds of “unconventional” marketing techniques you can use when your financial resources are limited or non-existent.

So what? What’s in it for you? Why should you attend the 2018 Guerrilla Global Summit May 3rd-5th?

A good question, and one at the heart of the Guerrilla Marketing way of doing business. And the answer goes back to our first question: Which business do you want to be?

Because frankly, Guerrilla Marketing -- and the 2018 Global Summit - may not be for you if…

  • your business has a practically unlimited budget for big-bucks media advertising (just keep throwing money at the problem).
  • you believe the best business plan is "slow and steady", trusting uncertain "word of mouth" approaches and hit or miss campaigns.
  • you already have so many customers, prospects, leads and referrals, you have problems handling them all (does the idea of creating dynamic, viral excitement and explosive growth scare you?).
  • you are happy with where your business is at right now, and don't want to expand or grow any more because it would be too much work.
  • you have an attitude of lack instead of abundance -- we'll be looking at the incredible opportunities to grow your business this year-- and beyond -- not rehashing negative news and what doesn’t work.
  • you think you already know everything you need to know, have experienced every possible business twist and turn, and are closed to growing from the wisdom and insights of peers and other experts.
  • you're thinking you may attend but plan on skipping some of the sessions, hang by the pool, play some golf, enjoy some time off and relax (this is the real-world, solid and experiential training that changes businesses, not a vacation).
  • you are coming only to get, and not to give your own value to help other attendees and our profession.

Guerrilla Marketing is the solution you’ve been looking for is you are…

  • a business owner, entrepreneur, professional, even a solo-preneur – but you are TIRED of stagnant, slow growth and ready to blow the doors off your competition!
  • ready to get over 200 specific tools, tips, methods and resources to get more customers, sell more products and services, and do it all for little or NO money out-of-pocket!
  • fed up with ad reps charging you thousands of dollars for radio, TV, print, websites and more stuff that hasn't put a dime in your pocket… and ready to start marketing smarter, for less money and with greater results!
  • wanting to focus on growing your business, delivering your quality products or services, instead of feeling like you've always got a thumb out looking for the next prospect to come buy from you!
  • building a close network of like-minded entrepreneurs while growing your business. Owning a business is a lonely profession… there are a lot of others who speak your language and can help your business grow.
  • looking for to have ongoing access to leading experts to show you how to tap into today's hottest strategies, proven methods and effective weapons and jump way ahead of your competition.

If these describe you, now's the time to get it done, get unstuck, get into action and get growing. seating is limited -- register now!

What you will find are hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs who are focused on being the best of the best - from dozens of different business types and markets. This creates POWERFUL "cross-pollination" of ideas and techniques you've never even considered before…and immediate action steps to create massive results for each and every participant, including you - if you consider yourself a pro at what you do with a vision and commitment to continually grow and improve!

Here's what people had to say about the 2017 Guerrilla Global Summit:

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"Guerrillas often start with a big goal, a plan, and only part of the resources they need to reach that goal.  When they get stuck, or come across a challenge, they don't back off or try an easier route.  They inventory what they need to learn or discover to take the next step and they intensely focus on that competency until they master it."

Excerpted from – Guerrilla Marketing Remix / (Kindle)

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