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Mini-Media: Presenting Your Business to Your Prospects

By EditorAtLarge / July 30, 2017

Mini-Media:  Presenting Your Business to Your Prospects Guerrilla Entrepreneurs realize that their clients and customers judge their competence at every point of contact.  Accordingly, successful Guerrilla Entrepreneurs pay constant attention to the way they present themselves and strive for constant improvement. RememberGuerrilla Marketing Weapon #31, Canvasing. There are two categories of presentations: time-lapse and real-time.Time-lapse […]


Human Media: Authenticity is a Cornerstone of Guerrilla Marketing

By EditorAtLarge / July 20, 2017

Human Media:  Authenticity is a Cornerstone of Guerrilla Marketing In the last two posts, we’ve focused on a low-cost Guerrilla weapons category which is Human Media. We’ll continue that focus in this post. RememberGuerrilla Marketing Weapon #100, Yourself. You’re fully aware of your intentional marketing and we hope you’ve invested time, energy and imagination into […]


Human Media: Guerrillas Work with Intent

By EditorAtLarge / July 12, 2017

Human Media:  Guerrilla’s work with Intent In the last Blog post we discussed the importance of appearance, focusing mainly on physical appearance.  Beyond the physical appearance, let’s dig a bit deeper into the image you project to clients and prospects who meet you face-to-face. RememberGuerrilla Marketing Weapon #100, Yourself. Work with IntentionGuerrilla Entrepreneurs control the […]


Human Media: Successful Appearance – A Low Cost, High Return Investment.

By EditorAtLarge / July 5, 2017

Human Media:  Successful Appearance – A Low Cost, High Return Investment. Successful Guerrilla Entrepreneurs know that success involves not only choosing the right Guerrilla Marketing weapons, but also using them as effectively as possible. RememberGuerrilla Marketing Weapon #103, Employee Attire. Appearance  Appearance plays the most known role in determining the image you project and it plays […]