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Putting More Force in Your Sales Force

By EditorAtLarge / September 28, 2017

Putting More Force in Your Sales Force Do you rely on sales people to sell your product?  If so, you can leverage and at the same time “refine” their selling talents by featuring them via video to have them sell on your website as well. Most companies spend very little time on the skill development of […]


Gaining New Customers with Pilot Projects

By EditorAtLarge / September 21, 2017

Gaining New Customers with Pilot Projects It’s often difficult to get a company or a person to agree to do business with you.  It is much simpler to get them to agree to a mere pilot project.  Even if companies or individuals are unhappy with their current suppliers, they may be reluctant to sever the […]


Getting to Know Your Customers

By EditorAtLarge / September 13, 2017

Getting to Know Your Customers People seek a wide array of benefits when they’re in a buying mindset.  If you are communicating any one of those benefits to the people who want them this very instant, you’ve virtually made the sale.People do not buy because marketing is clever, but because marketing strikes a responsive chord […]


Guerrilla Techniques – Empowering Doers

By EditorAtLarge / September 7, 2017

Guerrilla Techniques – Empowering Doers The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, has been translated into many meanings since it was first introduced in the late 1800’s.For Guerrillas, the 80/20 rule teaches you simplicity and applies throughout your business: 20 percent of your marketing generates 80 percent of your sales.20 percent of the […]