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The Designated Guerrilla Marketer

By BlogAdmin / December 29, 2017

The Designated Guerrilla Marketer Running a small business means knowing exactly what you’ve got to do and know you don’t have enough time to do it all well. Guerrilla Marketing can propel your profits, but you must take the steps to activate and maintain the process. Marketing succeeds when time and energy are devoted to […]


Guerrilla Shine During Holiday Returns and Exchanges

By BlogAdmin / December 22, 2017

Guerrillas Shine During Holiday Returns and Exchanges Most businesses view returns and exchanges as a hassle and/or burden to their business.  Guerrillas see them as opportunity.  This is their chance to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.Be friendly and welcoming of their return or exchange.  This is your time to be friction-less.  The customer has […]


Be The Solution To The Problem

By BlogAdmin / December 15, 2017

Be The Solution To The Problem Guerrillas know that it’s easier to sell the solution to a problem than to sell a positive benefit. That’s why they position themselves as problem-solvers. They see themselves through the eyes of their prospects and focus on the problems confronting their prospects. Guerrillas then offer their products or services as […]


Guerrilla Give and Take

By BlogAdmin / December 8, 2017

Guerrilla Give and Take There are two kinds of businesses:  givers and takers.Guerrilla businesses are givers and they are quick to give valuable freebies to customers and prospects. The freebies may be gifts, but more likely come in the form of information or services that your customers and prospects value. The right information is worth […]