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Are You Gaining or Losing Credibility?

Every Guerrilla knows that the number one factor influencing purchase decisions is confidence. The road to confidence is paved with credibility.

Having the lowest price, the widest selection and the most convenience won't help you much if your prospect doesn't trust you in the first place. You've got to face up to the glaring reality that prospects won't visit your website, respond to your coupon, come into your store, visit your trade show booth, talk to your sales rep, talk to you on the phone, or even accept your generous freebie if they aren't confident in your company.

Your prospects won’t waste their time or their money with companies that haven't earned their confidence. In order to earn that confidence - you've got to use specific Guerrilla Marketing weapons and use them properly

Guerrillas think in terms of getting down to the business of achieving and deserving credibility. All their marketing materials, whatever they say or show with their main message, also carry a "meta-message" - an unstated, yet powerful communique' to prospects.


an underlying meaning or implicit message, especially in advertising

What meta-messages do your prospects experience when they receive a direct mail from you:

  • The typeface speaks volumes.
  • The printed - or handwritten - signature is even more eloquent.
  • The correct spelling and grammar remove resistance.
  • The paper stock carries a strong meta-message with how it looks and feels.
  • The real or metered stamp is a meta message.

Absolutely everything you do that is called marketing influences your credibility. The influence will be positive or negative, depending upon your taste, intelligence, sensitivity, and awareness of this power.

Be aware of it at every moment in your business. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re already in operation - the time is right now.

Begin your Guerilla Confidence review by looking at your:

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Theme line
  • Location – both inside and out: neatness, decor, flow, sound, smell and feel (for both your customers and your employees)
  • Trade show booth (at a show, it is your “location”)
  • Materials - stationery, business cards, packaging, brochures and business forms
  • Website – are you providing high value content?
  • Online reviews and ratings - and your responses, as needed
  • Social media – your connections, groups, posts, Likes, etc.
  • Fusion/Affiliate marketing partners
  • Attire worn by you and your people
  • Current technology
  • Follow-up – internally and externally
  • Communicate even more credibility with the building you're in and the people you employ
  • Attention to your customers
  • Testimonials – that you receive and that you give
  • Advertising
  • Signage
  • Phones answered
  • Customer service responses (timeliness, tone, spelling and grammar)
  • Community reputation

Minor details? Maybe, but these factors determine if prospects (and customers) and spending their money with you or with somebody else.

Every one of these sets a tone that will gain or lose credibility for you. Think of your own experiences. If you sit on-hold for a long time, does that company loose or gain credibility? If a company’s website doesn’t work well, does that company loose or gain credibility? If you visit a business, does that company gain or lose credibility with your every movement you make - from the parking lot to whether or not you purchase from them?

Join us for our next post – we’ll share ideas to build your credibility and reputation.

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"Credibility is challenging because it is contextual. Every human being has a slightly different set of values that drives what he or she feels is valuable.”

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