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Are You Punishing Your Customers? If So, STOP IT!

Are You Punishing Your Customers? If So, STOP IT!

A funny (yet…not) story…

Recently I needed a storage unit. I’ve had a number of storage units over the years with various different companies. One of those companies was either lucky or dialed in on their marketing and they sent an offer for a free month of storage! Perfect! I know, like and trust them so it’s an offer not to be refused.

Long story short, the company had successfully reached their prospect with an offer that brought them in the door. The company was firing on all cylinders because when I arrived, they provided an up-sell to a larger unit.  They had a happy customer, an offer that works and additional revenue coming in…that’s a great day for a Guerrilla.

But then decided to go completely non-Guerrilla:

The promotion was not reflected in the billing on the card so when I asked, I was told:

1. You’re a current customer so you can’t have the offer (so not, what a Guerrilla would ever say, do or even think)

2. It only applied to the size that you came in for but we up-sold you out of (really?)

Ah – now that’s an awesome way to take a great experience with a loyal customer – turn it on its head and give them a hard-right jab instead (we’ll skip right over the legal questions of bait and switch).

But wait, your loyal customer politely pushes back and gives you a chance to turn this into a correctable “snafu” that they can quickly forget and go on being a happy customer and recommending your business.

After all, the person actually renting the unit, was not a current customer and you emailed them the offer…

But – you’re NOT a Guerrilla business so what do you do?  You double down and decided to give your loyal customer another blow.  You lean back and joyfully let that loyal customer know:

3. The person actually renting the unit, though they don’t have a unit now, they did have a unit a number of years ago (shame on them - they did business with you before...bring on the punishment).

With glee in their eyes, they are proud that they dug into their files to find out that you have been a loyal customer! Because you have done something so unthinkable as to have done business with them in the past and want to do business with them again – you get punished and just as with The Soup Nazi (for all Seinfeld fans)…”NO PROMO FOR YOU!”

Yeah!  Now they’ve delivered a blow to two loyal customers (I mean, why stop at one!).

It’s a good indicator that you’re a Guerrilla business if, at this point, either your mouth is agape or you're laughing! A Guerrilla thrives when they have competition like this!

Guerrillas NEVER PUNISH THEIR CUSTOMERS. Guerrillas truly care about their customers. Guerrillas talk to and listen to their customers and they know that their customer relationships are paramount to the success of the business. Customer loyalty is one of the greatest low-to-no cost ways to increase your profits.

This business is tripping over dollars to pick up pennies. Guerrillas are far smarter. This is what Guerrillas know...

You can do everything so right for so long and then just “light it all on fire” by punishing your customers for being loyal customers.

If you have a business – stop and take a look at your promotions, marketing, advertising, processes and procedures to make sure you aren’t costing yourself reputation damage and revenue that could easily be flowing to you.

In the case of this non-Guerrilla business – they took a loyal customer that has recommended them countless times and completely shut off that revenue stream that otherwise would have continued.

Because they decided to double-down and offend two loyal customers at once, they shut down two referral and revenue streams.

Are you tripping over dollars to pick up pennies? Take the time to understand what customer loyalty can do for your profits.

When it comes to easy and low-cost profits, Guerrillas understand that their customers can work for them or against them. If you don’t care about and respect your customers; not only will you quickly find out what they can do to your business with a few key strokes, but you’ll also have a Guerrilla competitor eagerly ready to snatch them away!

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