Are You Ready for Small Business Saturday - Shop Small?

As the year comes closer to its end - it can only mean that Small Business Saturday is just around the corner. This fantastic marketing campaign is a gift to Guerrilla marketers and Guerrillas embrace marketing opportunities that are placed right into their laps - especially those that are low cost.

So, how can you make sure you're fully leveraging your opportunity?

A shopper that’s ready to buy is a Guerrilla’s perfect prospect and to make it even better, American Express is doing a lot of the heavy lifting (i.e. marketing spend) on behalf of their customers.

If you accept American Express - they offer a fantastic array of tools to ensure that you drive sales and Guerrillas will leverage their program to their maximum benefit. Be sure to utilize every free benefit offered. American Express offers banner ads, map listing, customizable and downloadable marketing materials and more.

American Express also provides tools to help you rally other small businesses and shoppers in your area (Neighborhood Champion). After all, the greater the concentration of participating businesses in your area equals an appealing opportunity for shoppers to park once and tick off many items on their shopping list.

Your job as a guerrilla: Make every single moment of the experience satisfying, simple and worthwhile for the customer.

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

Once you've utilized the right Guerrilla tools to drive customers to your door, now you must be prepared to turn everyone that enters your door, from a prospect into a customer.  A good starting place is to do a review and ensure that your easy to do business with and exceeding customers expectations at every turn.  Take a look at:

  • Signage - are you clearly communicating your hours, pricing, promotions and policies?
  • Parking - free and easy parking is always a benefit for your prospects. 
  • Giveaways - who doesn't like to receive something for free?  It not only creates a warm introduction with your prospects, it also creates a desire to reciprocate.   
  • Promotions - are they simple to understand and clearly communicated by your employees?
  • Gift cards - the popularity of gift cards is ever growing and you want to make the purchase process very simple.  If your business sells a significant percentage of cards, consider having an express line during busy hours.
  • Staffing - are you prepared to make your customers purchases quick and effortless?  Guerrillas spend time training, incentivizing and testing their employees to ensure that they represent the business and deliver the desired message.
  • Ambiance of your store - are you creating an atmosphere that incentives purchases?  From the attire of your employees, to the fragrance of your store, the music and even the temperature of your store - every detail entices or detracts.
  • Diversity - Remember that many occasions are celebrated during the holiday season and as a Guerrilla you want to make every customer and prospect feel welcome and appreciated.  
  • Selfie Station - create a selfie frame with your business name and encourage prospects to snap photos and share.  
  • Free Wi-Fi and Comfortable Seating - whether it's your prospect or for those who might be along nearly against their will, having a place to rest for a moment is a welcome find to shoppers. 
  • Customers - have you created programs that make purchasers want to be customers?  This is your opportunity to over-deliver and  make consumers want to come back and want to hear more from you.  Take advantage of this opportunity and create relationships with new customers.  Perhaps promote a free customer appreciation event (a week or two later) that you promote this weekend.   Let customers know when they make the purchase, include a bag stuffer and be sure to have your new customer bring a friend that they they think might enjoy your store as well.

Your job as a Guerrilla is to turn what could be an ordinary experience for a prospect into an extraordinary experience that turns them into a customer that can't wait to tell everyone they know about your business.  Guerrilla profits soar when delighted customers share the memorable experience of doing business with you. 


The 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons Can Guide You To Success. 

"Marketing is not a single one of the 200 weapons.  It's the wise use of many of them in combination with each other.

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

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