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Are You Using 3D and Lumpy Mail To Drive Your Profits?

Are You Using 3D and Lumpy Mail To Drive Your Profits?

"Created skillfully, direct-mail advertising enables you to go through the entire selling process – from securing your prospects attention to obtaining sales by means of coupons the prospects can complete and toll-free phone numbers they can call. "Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

When your research shows that direct mail is an effective way to reach your prospects, it's time to leverage all of your Guerrilla wisdom. When it comes to direct mail you have several goals:

  • make your mailer get noticed among the other mail confronting your prospect
  • have your mailer get opened and read
  • provide a clear and convincing offer
  • make it clear what you want the prospect to do that will result in a successful sale.

How do you make your direct mail stand out? Guerrillas approach this opportunity in several ways. You can start with the envelope or outer-panel which is your canvas to entice your prospects to open your mailer and read the contents.

Guerrillas know that people read:

  • the addressee name.
  • the teaser copy.
  • who sent it.

You only have, at most, a few seconds to capture their attention. So how do you create effective teaser copy?  

“The idea of teaser copy is not to be cute, clever, or fancy. The job is to be provocative, to entice the recipient into opening the envelope.” Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

Here are some successful Guerrilla teaser copy ideas:

  • FREE! A … [sample of your product or service] for you.
  • Want to get your hands on $10,000 extra cash?
  • The most astonishing offer of the year. Details inside.
  • Free gift enclosed.
  • Money-saving offer inside.
  • Wealth-building secrets for 2018.
  • Private information for your eyes only.
  • Did you know you can double your profits?
  • What every business like yours needs to know…
  • How to add new profits for only six cents a day.
  • See inside for exciting details on [virtually anything].
  • Read what’s in store for you – this week only!

Guerrillas know that your teaser copy is enhanced when you add a dimensional element to your mailer further intrigue your prospects which results in them opening and reading your mailer. We are very excited that Travis Lee will be presenting the latest tools and tips at the 2018 Guerrilla Global Summit. He spent thirty minutes on a Facebook Live talking with us.  If you missed it, take a look:

Join us at the 2018 Guerrilla Global Summit (May 3-5) to learn the latest tools, tips, tactics, strategies and inspirations.


Now that you've developed your teaser copy and selected your dimensional element, Guerrillas know that their work continues. Once the customer has opened your mailer, it’s as if they have opened the door to a retail store.  The opportunity exists  to move the prospect to a successful sale and ultimately a delighted customer.

Now is the time that Guerrillas leverage their research and understanding of their customers and prospects wants and needs. With that knowledge, they create copy that sells.

An effective way to be clear in your copy is to work backward. Start with writing your coupon or response device first. Now that you are very clear about what you want your prospect to do, it’s much easier to develop the supporting copy that is focused on that desired action.

“Whatever you do, make your offer clear, repeat it several times, keep you message as short as possible, and ask for the order.” “Ask people to do exactly what you wish them to do. Then ask them again.” Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

Once you've sent your mailer, Guerrillas know that it's the start of a campaign and they should follow their initial direct-mail with follow-up mailings, ultra-selective targeting, telemarketing and more unique mailing packages.

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Maximize your marketing success today.  Guerrilla Marketing has been so successful since the first book in 1984 because it helps businesses spread their message across a broad spectrum methods and media with techniques that leverage every detail and nuance of their business.

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