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Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

By BlogAdmin / November 22, 2017

Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Guerrilla Marketing Weapon 166 – LocationWhen selecting the location of a retail business, Guerrillas seek a location that already has a flow of prospects.   Guerrillas understand that as they convert prospects into customers, the convenience of their location is paramount so they carefully consider the make-up of the neighboring business […]


Think Like a Guerrilla and Win at Business

By BlogAdmin / November 17, 2017

Think Like a Guerrilla and Win at Business. Let’s say you own a restaurant franchise and you provide deliveries in your company van. That van is stolen, crashed and left abandoned. What would you do? A Guerrilla marketer sees an opportunity to turn the situation into a positive story. You take to social media offering […]


Are You Ready for Small Business Saturday – Shop Small?

By BlogAdmin / November 10, 2017

Are You Ready for Small Business Saturday – Shop Small? As 2017 comes closer to its end – it can only mean that Small Business Saturday is just around the corner. This fantastic marketing campaign is a gift to Guerrilla marketers and Guerrillas embrace marketing opportunities that are placed right into their laps – especially […]


Are You Planning Your Success?

By BlogAdmin / November 2, 2017

Are You Planning Your Success? It’s important to remember that a plan is not the same as control.  Just because you have a plan, it does not mean things are going to go the way of your plan.  Your plan won’t control all of the variables that will come into play.  Where the Guerrilla will […]


What Are Your Dreams?

By BlogAdmin / October 28, 2017

What Are Your Dreams? Many times people establish a goal and they set out to achieve it.  Whether it’s your own business, a professional or personal objective most people see the goal and then work to get themselves from where they are to where they want to go.Guerrillas plan backwards, beginning with the attainment of […]