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Be The Solution To The Problem

Guerrillas know that it's easier to sell the solution to a problem than to sell a positive benefit. That's why they position themselves as problem-solvers. 

They see themselves through the eyes of their prospects and focus on the problems confronting their prospects. Guerrillas then offer their products or services as solutions to the prospects’ problems.

Almost all people and companies have problems of one sort or another that they would like to solve. Your job, as a Guerrilla, is to spot those problems.  Guerrillas aren’t satisfied with the problems they know, they are always seeking to learn more. One of the ways to do this is through networking. You can also learn of problems that require solving at trade shows, at professional association meetings, through prospect questionnaires, and even sales calls. These interactions are not the time to toot your own horn, but to ask questions, listen carefully to the answers, and keep your marketing radar attuned to the presence of problems.

A prepared Guerrilla takes that knowledge and talks to the prospect about their unique problems and provides their service or product as the solution to end the prospects’ predicament.

Think about your own purchasing decisions.  Do you walk into the store, look at a shelf with ten different products that do the same thing and close your eyes and grab one?  Most likely, you look at the products and buy the one that claims to solve your problem.

People don’t buy toothpaste; they buy fresh breath, white and healthy teeth.  People don’t buy shampoo; they buy clean, shiny, manageable, great-looking hair. That means selling a benefit. Shampoo makers achieve profits by reassuring people that their shampoo cleans hair, then stressing that it solves the problems of dull, curly, straight, frizzy, flaky, color-treated, dry, oily or unmanageable hair - a benefit and a solution to a problem.

Look around your home or office and notice the solutions that you’ve purchased.

Products and services that are enjoying success are those that help people quit smoking, lose weight, earn more money, improve health, grow hair, eliminate wrinkles, and save time. These are problem-solving products and services and savvy businesses accentuate the positive while positioning that they and eliminate a negative.

It’s important to sell the benefits of your products but Guerrillas realize that the benefits importance is generally overshadowed by the problems confronting a prospect. Once your product is seen as a problem solver, you'll find that the task of marketing and selling become a whole lot easier.

Prospects don't really care about your company; they care about their problems. If you can solve them, then prospects will connect with and care about your company, and they'll want to buy what you are selling.

Your biggest job is to be sure your products and services do the same. Perhaps you'll have to undergo a major re-positioning in marketing message. That's a worthy effort if it improves your profits.

Maybe you know right off what are the major problems facing your prospects. Your marketing should highlight these problems. Then, it should offer your product or service as the ideal solution. However, it’s important to remember that a Guerrilla doesn’t rest with what they currently know, they constantly seek to learn more. 

Be sure that your company is immersed in your problem-solving know-how. Sales training in Guerrilla companies involves a discussion of problems, problem-spotting, problem discussing, and problem-solving. Sales reps learn the nature of prospect problems from one another. Sharing their insights helps the entire company.

Amazingly, even though this all makes sense, many companies are unaware of the importance of problem-solving. They're so wrapped up in the glories of their product or service that they are oblivious to how well it solves problems. So they sell features and neglect benefits. They sell the obtaining of positives instead of the eliminating of negatives.

Guerrillas keep the concept of problem-solving alive in their mind, their marketing materials, their sales presentations, and their company mission.


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