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Secrets of Continual Improvement with Less Effort

By BlogAdmin / November 25, 2018

Secrets of Continual Improvement with Less Effort“Don’t let business get in the way of the purpose of business. Be sure that your own efforts include working on your own business rather than simply the business it attracts. The means should not interfere with the end. ”   – Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)Guerrillas Strive to Get More with Less […]


7 Keys for Guerrillas to Sell Anything

By BlogAdmin / November 15, 2018

7 Keys for Guerrillas to Sell Anything“The words you use to describe your product and its benefits are the key to the success of your business. Your sales copy is the only contact you’ll have with the vast majority of your visitors. That’s why you have to make the most of it. Your sales copy […]


Is Your Retail Business Guerrilla Ready for the Holiday Rush?

By BlogAdmin / November 12, 2018

Is Your Retail Business Guerrilla Ready for the Holiday Rush?Retail opportunity is about to start knocking, as the holiday rush nears, is your business Guerrilla ready?“A jeweler wanted to attract attention to his business during the holiday season, so he invented outlandishly expensive gift ideas, such as a Frisbee with a diamond in the center. […]


Guerrilla Tips to Save Time and Money with Your Printed Materials

By BlogAdmin / November 1, 2018

Guerrilla Tips to Save Time and Money with Your Printed Materials“Guerrillas think first of saving marketing money by not wasting marketing money. Be sure you understand the distinction. Getting the lowest price on something isn’t nearly as important as getting the most profitable results from something. Saving is nice, but it’s secondary to profiting.”   – […]


Guerrilla Email Marketing Rules for Success

By BlogAdmin / October 8, 2018

Guerrilla Email Marketing Rules for Success“You can have a star-studded Web site, a too-good-to-refuse offer, unbeatable quality, and a jaw-dropping price, but without e-mail, you’ll be flailing in frustration. It’s probably the e-mail that’s going to get most of your customers to your site.”   – Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)You have a great business, product or service […]


Why Wouldn’t You Engage In Guerrilla Public Relations?

By BlogAdmin / September 24, 2018

Why Wouldn’t You Engage In Public Relations?“Public relations means exactly what it says. It’s also accurate to say that it means publicity—free stories and news about you and/or your company in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, on radio and TV, and in any other type of media. It means any relationships you have with anybody. In fact, […]


Create Change and Profits with Your Ideas

By BlogAdmin / September 17, 2018

Create Change and Profits with Your Ideas and Guerrilla MarketingCompanies of all sizes and individuals of all means are changing our society, our environment and our future. Guerrilla Marketing has been providing critical and effective tools for change-makers, for decades. Guerrillas take their ideas and put them into action to create change and drive profits. […]


It’s All in the Details When It Comes to Your Customers

By BlogAdmin / August 15, 2018

It’s All In The Details When It Comes To Your Customers”Traditional marketing is based on experience and judgment, which is a fancy way of saying “guesswork.” But guerrilla marketers cannot afford wrong guesses, so it is based as much as possible on psychology —laws of human behavior.” ​– Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)If you’re a small company, […]


Guerrillas Are Viral

By BlogAdmin / July 15, 2018

Guerrillas Are ViralViral marketing is a combination of a number of influences, including good old word of mouth and the current fixation on early trend setting and spotting and Guerrilla Marketers know how to leverage the opportunity.Viral marketing may be so favorable and spread so rapidly that your product, idea or business can reap a […]


Guerrilla Marketing Reality

By BlogAdmin / June 15, 2018

Guerrilla Marketing RealityMarketing is a waste of money and time if you’re not attuned to reality. Reality is not necessarily what you want it to be or what it used to be. Instead, reality is what really is. To many marketers, that’s a major problem, but to Guerrilla Marketers, it’s an inviting opportunity to stand […]

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