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Guerrilla Give and Take

By BlogAdmin / December 8, 2017

Guerrilla Give and Take There are two kinds of businesses:  givers and takers.Guerrilla businesses are givers and they are quick to give valuable freebies to customers and prospects. The freebies may be gifts, but more likely come in the form of information or services that your customers and prospects value. The right information is worth […]


Think Like a Guerrilla and Win at Business

By BlogAdmin / November 17, 2017

Think Like a Guerrilla and Win at Business. Let’s say you own a restaurant franchise and you provide deliveries in your company van. That van is stolen, crashed and left abandoned. What would you do? A Guerrilla marketer sees an opportunity to turn the situation into a positive story. You take to social media offering […]


Are You Planning Your Success?

By BlogAdmin / November 2, 2017

Are You Planning Your Success? It’s important to remember that a plan is not the same as control.  Just because you have a plan, it does not mean things are going to go the way of your plan.  Your plan won’t control all of the variables that will come into play.  Where the Guerrilla will […]


What Are Your Dreams?

By BlogAdmin / October 28, 2017

What Are Your Dreams? Many times people establish a goal and they set out to achieve it.  Whether it’s your own business, a professional or personal objective most people see the goal and then work to get themselves from where they are to where they want to go.Guerrillas plan backwards, beginning with the attainment of […]


What are the Elements of Guerrilla Success?

By EditorAtLarge / August 30, 2017

What are the Elements of Guerrilla Success? Relentless, Persistent and Optimistic.  When you are educated (be it intuitive, skills based, certificate or whatever means are necessary to ensure that you are confident in your skills), tenacity is the virtue that will set you apart.You can have the best product or service and be the smartest […]


Human Media: Authenticity is a Cornerstone of Guerrilla Marketing

By EditorAtLarge / July 20, 2017

Human Media:  Authenticity is a Cornerstone of Guerrilla Marketing In the last two posts, we’ve focused on a low-cost Guerrilla weapons category which is Human Media. We’ll continue that focus in this post. RememberGuerrilla Marketing Weapon #100, Yourself. You’re fully aware of your intentional marketing and we hope you’ve invested time, energy and imagination into […]


Human Media: Guerrillas Work with Intent

By EditorAtLarge / July 12, 2017

Human Media:  Guerrilla’s work with Intent In the last Blog post we discussed the importance of appearance, focusing mainly on physical appearance.  Beyond the physical appearance, let’s dig a bit deeper into the image you project to clients and prospects who meet you face-to-face. RememberGuerrilla Marketing Weapon #100, Yourself. Work with IntentionGuerrilla Entrepreneurs control the […]