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Combining Your Creative Idea and Guerrilla Marketing

Combining Your Creative Idea and Guerrilla Marketing. 

“You don’t have to know how to write or draw to be creative. All you have to do is supply the creative idea. That’s the ticket right there: the idea.”

- Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle) -

Creative Guerrilla Marketing needs creative implementation. In our last article, How To Do Creative Guerrilla Marketing, we explored the importance of placing great emphasis on creativity with a point to it. Additionally, we explored different ways to stimulate creative ideas.

Now that you have your creative idea(s), what’s next? At this point, creative marketing that is aligned to your plan and strategy, combined with creative implementation will let your profits (a.k.a. success) soar.

Equally, there is a note of caution. This is the time where you can get so creative with your ideas and implementation that you lose the connection to your point. Do yourself a profitable favor and never forget that Guerrilla Marketing is creativity with a point to it. Sock Puppet

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The failure of is considered, by many, to be an example of run-away creativity. The creativity lacked having a point to it. 

“The key to creative marketing is a smart creative strategy. The test of creative marketing is profits. If what you want to sell doesn’t generate profits for your business, you are not truly being creative. Your creative challenge is not over. Creativity doesn’t end with the creation of your marketing.”

- Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle) -

Look at your competitors marketing. To make it easier, let’s specifically look at the advertising component of marketing. Where are your overlaps? In other words, your knowledge and research about your prospects/customers shows you good places to target them with advertising and your competitor(s) may already be advertising there (an overlap). How can you implement your advertising differently and creatively?

For example:

Frequency – consistency is a key to getting your message to rise above the rest in the crowded mindshare of your customers and prospects. Is your competition consistently advertising (e.g. every day, week, month, etc.) or do they advertise inconsistently, such as, seasonally (only during certain times of the year) or when they’re having a sale?

If they’re inconsistent, you have a great opportunity. Even if you need to run a smaller ad – being the company that your customers and prospects consistently see allows your creative marketing to shine.

If they’re consistent, you also have a great, but different, opportunity. How can you make your ad stand out, without breaking the bank? Color, size, placement (e.g. always in the same spot or two small ads in different areas), message (e.g. advertorial, testimonials, USP).

The question is, how do you always make sure your practicing true Guerrilla Marketing creativity? That means creativity with a point to it. The answer is simple – success revolves around your ability to follow your simple plan. Can you do it?

Guerrilla Marketing has a consistent sun, moon and north star and that is a simple Guerrilla Marketing and Advertising plan/strategy. Your seven sentence Guerrilla Marketing plan and six sentence Guerrilla Marketing Advertising strategy are your sun, moon and north star that will guide you to your success.

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“If your advertisements generate profits for your company, you’re succeeding at being creative. If not, you’ve got more work to do.”

- Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle) -

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