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Create Change and Profits with Your Ideas

Create Change and Profits with Your Ideas and Guerrilla Marketing

Create Change and Profits with Your Ideas and Guerrilla Marketing

Companies of all sizes and individuals of all means are changing our society, our environment and our future. Guerrilla Marketing has been providing critical and effective tools for change-makers, for decades. Guerrillas take their ideas and put them into action to create change and drive profits. From fund raising to cause awareness and every aspect in between, Guerrilla Marketing tools are always at the forefront of breaking through to your target audience.

Shel Horowitz is the co-author of two impactful Guerrilla Marketing books:

Whether you’re focused on a local, national or global change, you can create transformation.  Impact your community or to impact the world with the expertise and insight of Shel Horowitz. Let your profits and your trans-formative ideas work together. When you combine those efforts, you drive:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • New Markets
  • Improved Staff Morale and Retention
  • Vendor Engagement and Excitement
  • Partnerships
  • Community
  • Revenue and Profit

Shel Horowitz presented at the 2018 Guerrilla Global Summit, the varies ways you can accomplish far more than you may have ever thought was possible. Instead of thinking that you need large profits and wealth to make a difference, he showed participants how Guerrillas combine and align their efforts to put their ideas into action. If you couldn’t be at the Guerrilla Global Summit, it’s not too late to learn directly from Shel Horowitz. Click here for a free preview and more information.

Combining your business and “doing-well” or “doing-good” is a cornerstone of Guerrilla Marketing. At the heart of all Guerrillas is generosity. Generosity with your customers, employees, friends, community, fellow businesses and ultimately with the world at-large because it’s an integral and genuine part of the way you operate in all aspects of your life.

So whether you want to support the efforts of existing charities or causes or you want to start your own integrated effort within your business (giving a portion of your product to underprivileged or providing training, education, internships, scholarships or even holding drives that allow your customers, vendors, employees and community to be involved) there’s no time like right now and Shel Horowitz will show you how.

“Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. The coin is called business. Guerrillas have learned, though they may have always suspected it in their bones, that the more they give, the more they receive. They are extremely imaginative about what they can give, shifting their generosity into high gear and seeing the world through the eyes of their customers."

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