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What are the Elements of Guerrilla Success?

Relentless, Persistent and Optimistic.  When you are educated (be it intuitive, skills based, certificate or whatever means are necessary to ensure that you are confident in your skills), tenacity is the virtue that will set you apart.

You can have the best product or service and be the smartest person among your competitors but without tenacity you will not have the courage of your convictions to succeed. Guerrillas educate themselves, deploy the proper Guerrilla weapons/tools, exercise consistency, patience, appropriate expenditure levels and the proper tracking and to ensure they understand their effectiveness and then make the proper tweaks.

"Marketing hardly ever works instantly. If you need instant results, go into farming. Often, that works faster than marketing. But even the best famers can't rush the process of planting, fertilizing, and harvesting."

Willing to Fail and Understanding the Value of It.  If you’re not comfortable with the possibility of failure, you will not push yourself as hard as you can to reach your greatest level of success. If you fear failure, you’ll always look for the safe choice and the lowest risk option. You’re also unlikely to commit to constant learning. Those who are committed to leaning, are confident in all of the tools they can deploy and they take measured risk. Many people think there is one path to success, Guerrilla’s understand that there are many paths (not to mention alternate means of transportation on those paths).

Guerrilla’s also don’t sit on the sidelines resenting those you take chances and risk failure:

“I already had that idea but it’s not going to work”

“if that was a good idea, someone would have done it already”

“If I had more (fill in the blank), I would try…but I don’t have (fill in the blank)”.

Guerrilla’s understand that nothing happens until you take action!

"In fact, Guerrilla Marketing encourages experimentation and the risk of failed experiments. Don't let cold feet keep you from potentially hot ideas. If you haven't fallen on your face, you probably weren't trying hard enough, or else you were a Guerrilla who knew where the obstacles were."

Maximize Your Strength - Delegate Your Weakness.  Being educated is important and understanding that you’re not the best at everything is being educated. Focus your efforts where they shine and engage like-minded experts to help you drive the success of your business. When you’re willing to listen to the expertise of others, you’ll find the answers you need to distinguish yourself among your competitors.

You Have a Vision for Your Business - an On-going and Sell-able Asset.  Guerrillas look far beyond the revenues and business plan for this month or even this year. They focus on creating a scalable and sellable asset that will allow them to move onto their next business passion. Once you fully embrace your Guerrilla expertise, you’ll understand you’re power and ability to replicate your success.

Don’t be afraid to set big goals…it’s the surest path to achieving them. Stay focused on the present and the future at the same time and only look backwards when your focused on the best elements from the past.

Many entrepreneurs get caught up in the day to day tasks because they lack perspective. When you have your eye on large goals, the day to day tasks are quite easily accomplished.

Mind the Company You Keep.  One of the greatest benefits of the new Guerrilla Community is a network of like-minded energy and resources. From get togethers to trainings, you connect with the best minds and resources. Networking and idea sharing with people outside of your business category can give you absolute clarity because they don’t know your business, and they don’t need to. Guerrillas know that evergreen ideas and tools work in every business.

Regardless of how hard you try, you likely have a number of naysayers around your business. Be sure to step away and be in the company of “Guerrilla Yes-sayers”.

Stay connected to Guerrilla tools, tactics and strategies

Guerrilla is for businesses and individuals that pursue excellence and want to do and be the best in every aspect.

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