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Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing Weapon 166 - Location

When selecting the location of a retail business, Guerrillas seek a location that already has a flow of prospects.   Guerrillas understand that as they convert prospects into customers, the convenience of their location is paramount so they carefully consider the make-up of the neighboring business to ensure that there are multiple draws for their target customers.  Equally, a Guerrilla will be looking at the fusion marketing opportunities with neighboring businesses to drive prospects to each other.

If you have a juice bar, locating next to a gym positions you well to attract a regular flow of prospects and customers.  

Once the location is selected, now it's time to make your business irresistible to prospects.  Where others look at a location and see "what is" a Guerrillas sees what "could be" and they look for opportunities to re-invent a space and create buzz that draws prospects from word of mouth.

Let's take a closer look at how the juice bar example took a simple "cookie-cutter" retail plaza location and went outside of the box.

A Guerrilla starts their design inside the customers in mind.   Your market research will guide you to understand their needs and  wants which will help you create an experience that surpasses their expectations, making your location memorable and top of mind. 

  • Would your business benefit from outdoor seating but you're unable to utilize the outdoor space?  Bring the sidewalk indoors. 
  • Engage your customers. Invite them to sit, relax and stay a while.  A Guerrilla knows the importance of making every moment satisfying, simple and worthwhile for the customers.
  • Placing your lounge area at the entrance of the store creates a welcome and inviting environment for prospects.  Since that area is a first impression, keeping the area tidy and clean is important.
  • Ensure your customers are connected.  Make sure your location has great wireless coverage and/or provide free wi-fi.  A satisfied and connected customer is likely to share your location with their friends.  Every Guerrilla appreciates the power of a testimonial/share as it builds their business with low cost and high profits.

Five things every customer needs -

  1. The need to feel welcome
  2. The need to feel comfortable
  3. The need to feel important
  4. The need to feel understood
  5.  The need to feel appreciated

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

  • Make it easy for customers to experience your products.  A sample table at the front of your location is a great way to turn prospects into customers.  Sampling also gives your customers the opportunity to  discover more reasons to love your business and even more of your products.
  • Make the elements of your decor, from furniture to art to music, a match to your customers.  The juice bar example chose a casual decor that works well for shoppers and for those who are pre or post a good workout.

Once you've selected your location and turned the "what is" into "what could be", you're work as a Guerrilla has just begun.


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