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A cornerstone of Guerrilla Marketing is knowing, understanding and delivering above and beyond for your customers.  You gain that knowledge, at the starting point of your Guerrilla Marketing campaign, via research.  The goal of your research is to help you connect with prospects quickly. You maintain that knowledge by growing that initial connection with what are now, your customers.  The more knowledge you gain, the better and more profitable decisions you'll make about selecting your: media, headlines, product offering, product features, attributes and so on.

If you're not continually engaged in research and maintaining your customers connections, your business is likely going backwards. Your research should never stop.  Your customers needs and wants continually change.  Your competition continually changes.  Innovation, technology, marketing trends and generational behaviors change.

In that Guerrilla spirit, we would love to know more about you and your wants and needs so we can continue to deliver easy, cost-effective tactics and strategies to grow your success and profits. We know your time is precious so we'd like to ask just a few questions that will help us continue to deliver the type of information that will contribute to your growing success.

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"Many small-business owners view themselves as independent souls, but Guerrillas know that power comes from teamwork more than from rugged individualism.”

Excerpted from – Guerrilla Marketing / (Kindle)

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