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Guerrilla Businesses Set Themselves Apart With Customer Attention

Your marketing can say all the right words and tell customers how important they are to you, but are you walking your own talk?  Are you merely delivering what customers expect or, more importantly, are you exceeding their expectations?

If you're not taking concrete steps beyond mere words, to show them that you care, they might be easily wooed away by a competitor. 

Guerrillas know that there's a world of difference between customer care and customer attention. A company can lavish attention upon their customers, but only the Guerrillas excel at caring and know how to make customers feel sincerely cared for, because it's genuine. Guerrillas also understand the value of contact time with their customers and they cherish the benefits for themselves and their customers.

“Guerrillas have learned, though they may have always suspected it in their bones, that the more they give, the more they receive.  They are extremely imaginative about what they can give, shifting their generosity into high gear and seeing the world through the eyes of their customers.” - Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

Here's how Guerrillas set themselves apart:

1.  Be genuinely committed to providing more customer service excellence than anyone else in your industry. This commitment must be so powerful that every one of your customers experiences it.

2.  Prepare a written document outlining the principles of your customer service. The difference between great Guerrilla companies and other companies is the difference between words and action. Successful Guerrilla's get everyone walking, talking and believing in the company principles.

3.  Do all that you must to instill in employees a truly deep appreciation of the value and your principles of customer service. They should see how this service relates to the profits of the business and the direct impact/benefit on their future.

4.  Be certain that your passion for customer service runs rampant throughout your company and not just at the top. Everyone should embody it. 

Guerrilla Marketing Weapon #122, Satisfied Customers

5.  Establish support and training systems that help you out-service any competitor by meeting your customers needs and exceeding their expectations by giving them more by solving problems before they arise. Develop a precise measurement of superior customer service. Reward employees who practice it consistently and replace those who don't with people who render superior service.

6.  Remember that the friendliest employee cannot meet a customers needs if the employee is not well trained and isn't providing the information that a customer seeks. Providing an easy knowledge database and constant training for your employees is a crucial Guerrilla component of providing excellent service. It's also important to inspect what you expect and test and monitor your employees to ensure that they are providing service excellence.

7.  What customers value most are ease, attention, dependability, promptness, appreciation and competence. They love being treated as individuals and being referred to by their name. Don't you?

8.  Be easy to do business with whether it's online or in your physical location that you design for efficiency, clarity of signage, lighting, handicap accessibility and simplicity. Everything should be easy to find.

"Make it easy to learn about you, to contact you, to park, to pay, to get service, to obtain information.  Don't waste one precious second of a customer's time or you'll probably never hear from that customer again." - Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

9.  Be sure that everyone in your company who deals with customers pays very close attention to the customer. Ask questions of your customers, then listen carefully to their answers. Ask customers to expand upon their answers. Listening to your customers helps you stay alert for trends so you can respond to them. Each customer should feel unique and special after they've contacted you or been contacted by you.

10.   Nurture a human bond as well as a business bond with customers and prospects. Do favors for them. observe birthdays and anniversaries. Share knowledge and educate them. Help them. Give gifts. Play favorites. Entertain them. Network with them and provide them opportunities to network with each other when appropriate. Your customers deserve to be treated this special.

11.  Be sure to establish with your prospects and customers how they want you to communicate with them as well as how they can easily communicate with you. Guerrillas stay in touch with their customers. They do it with emails, letters/postcards, newsletters, blogs, phone calls, questionnaires and in person. Don't be afraid to ask your customers for suggestions about your service and your product or offering.

"Your job as a guerrilla: Make every single moment of the experience satisfying, simple and worthwhile for the customer." - Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

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