Guerrilla Gift: Do You Have 10 Minutes to Spend Being Inspired?

Guerrilla Gift: Do You Have 10 Minutes to Spend Being Inspired?

Want to get that tingly feeling all over?

Prepare to get goose bumps, goose pimples, and all manner of shivers of success running down your spine like a bolt of lightning.

Much has been written and discussed about success and what it takes to succeed. 

Jack Canfield has been a powerhouse since the inception of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series debuted. Just like Guerrilla Marketing became a global force for success, Jack has too.

We're excited to announce that Jason Myers, Chairman of Guerrilla Marketing is featured in this documentary with Jack, and a roster of amazing successful mentors and the message is - on point and perfect to kickoff the next phase of your evolution. Take a look...

 What does success mean to you? You can apply simple steps to your own life to become successful in whatever area you desire. 

  • Are you setting goals?
  • Are you taking risks?
  • Are you prepared to change direction?
  • How much of your week is spent meditating?

These are a few of the questions you'll now ask yourself on a daily basis as you enjoy your success.

Spend the next ten minutes learning more...

The Evolution Of Success

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