Guerrilla Give and Take

There are two kinds of businesses:  givers and takers.

Guerrilla businesses are givers and they are quick to give valuable freebies to customers and prospects. The freebies may be gifts, but more likely come in the form of information or services that your customers and prospects value. The right information is worth more than a gift and often even worth far more than money.

What kind of things do Guerrilla marketers give away for free? Here are ten ideas to get you mind motivated:

  1. They give a thank-you gift card to the customer/buyer for each gift card they buy for others.
  2. They offer free books/e-books to their customers to tell them how they can be even more successful.
  3. They post informational videos to answer commonly asked questions from their customers or related to their industry/business category.
  4. They give money to worthy causes and let their prospects and customers know that they support a noble cause, enabling these people to support the same endeavor.
  5. They give free consultations and never make them seem like sales presentations. They truly try to help their prospects.
  6. They give free seminars and clinics because; they realize that if their information is worthwhile, it will attract the right kind of people to them.
  7. They provide free apps that appeal to their customers’ needs and that make it easier to do business (appointment setting, information, notifications, instructions, hours, etc).
  8. They give tours of their facilities or of work they've accomplished elsewhere, again transcending any standard marketing tools they might employ.
  9. They give free samples because they know that such generosity is the equivalent of purchasing a new customer at a very low price.
  10. They give invaluable information on their website, realizing that such data will bring their customers and prospects back for more, thereby intensifying their relationships.

Guerrillas are highly creative, and these ideas will inspire even more ideas that are suited for your business.

Case in point: When an apartment building went up, signs proudly proclaimed that they include a state-of-the-art fitness center to their residents. The apartment building proudly included tours of the fitness center to prospects.  This feature spoke real dollars to their prospects, as fitness centers in the area were very popular and the prospects knew their currently incurred fees/memberships, would be money going back into their pockets. The cost of the fitness center was covered by the difference between 100 percent occupancy and 70 percent occupancy, the usual occupancy rate in that neighborhood. The value also translated into retaining residents as well, because those residents knew that “free” benefit would be a cost to them by moving elsewhere.

That means your task is clear: think of what might attract prospects and what will make your customers happy. Successful Guerrillas have:

  • Infinite patience
  • Fertile imaginations
  • Acute sensitivity
  • Admirable ego strength
  • Aggressiveness in marketing
  • A penchant for constant learning.
  • Generosity

Be creative. Be generous. At the heart of a successful Guerrilla is a generous soul who seems to gain joy by giving things away. The result? Delighted prospects who become customers and delighted customers who become repeat and referral customers.

By taking their customers and prospects beyond satisfaction and into true bliss, Guerrillas earn a reputation embracing generosity, customer service, and sincere caring. Customers are attracted to Guerrilla giver companies and repelled by taker companies. What kind of company is yours?


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“Guerrillas have learned, though they may have always suspected it in their bones, that the more they give, the more they receive.  They are extremely imaginative about what they can give, shifting their generosity into high gear and seeing the world through the eyes of their customers.”

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