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Guerrilla Marketing and Patience

So, you’ve done your research, created a great Guerrilla Marketing plan, carefully selected your weapons and launched your campaign. Your website, mailings, telemarketing, trade show booth, advertising, publicity, sales presentations and so-on, are cohesive and consistent. At this point, what is the element that will play a big role in your success or failure?  Your patience.

Impatience on behalf of the business owner (or agency), more than any other reason, will cause an extraordinary Guerrilla Marketing effort to fail. Which marketing weapon gets the credit for moving the prospect from off the fence and onto your customer list? It’s your patience (Weapon #189) that wins the laurels for the profits generated by your marketing.

It takes a unique person to stay the course while efforts may fail to hit home. It takes remarkable talent to remain with the marketing program when instant results are not produced. Great Guerrilla marketing people know there is no challenge they cannot surmount. They have more patience than their competition. Their behavior is demonstrated in both their restraint from making changes in their marketing programs and their willingness to continue executing a marketing strategy even in the absence of quick financial strokes.

You pick a niche and aim for it, marketing over and over. Eventually, the niche is occupied and dominated, the marketing goals attained. It didn’t take genius as much as it took steadfastness.

Your life will be filled with frustration and anxiety if you expect your Guerrilla marketing, brilliant or otherwise, to produce superb results instantly. But if you give your program the time to penetrate minds and motivate behavior, to persuade and create desire, you will discover that marketing does indeed work and that patience is the age-old secret of success.

Guerrilla marketers are positive that they will not fail and they can do the job they set out to do if they concentrate upon the results down the road rather than the current state facing them.

Many small businesses are run by people who intently focus only on right now. Guerrillas understand that now is insignificant compared with what they will hew with their patience. This farsighted approach illuminates the way to their goal and they appreciate the journey to their goal. This is the mindset of the Guerrilla.

Success comes to those who market if they; begin with a plan, continue breathing life into that plan, continue to test and research and if they have the patience to move beyond the need for instant results.

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"At the outset, you won't have any way of knowing whether your plan is good or bad, except for low-cost testing, your own intuition, and counsel of others in whom you believe.  But once you believe in your plan, you've got to back your belief with patience.  Patience is commitment."

Excerpted from – Guerrilla Marketing / (Kindle)

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Bobke - January 17, 2018

This is great, thanks.

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