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Guerrilla Marketing For You

Guerrilla Marketing For You

What You Want To Know

Do You Need Guerrilla Marketing? What is Guerrilla Marketing For You? How Do You Leverage Guerrilla Marketing?  These are all very common questions about Guerrilla Marketing.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a small or medium sized business, or a solo-preneur, you need Guerrilla Marketing more than ever. The competition is smarter, more sophisticated, and even more aggressive than it was in the past. That is not a problem for Guerrillas.

Guerrilla Marketing takes a quality product or service and sets it apart from the competition. How?

We’d venture a bold guess that fewer than 10 percent of the new- and small-business owners have explored as many as a dozen of the marketing tools available to them.

The more aware of marketing you are, the more attention you will pay to it. And the increased attention will result in better marketing of your offerings.

If you’re not where you want to be, it’s a good indicator that there is more you can do. Guerrilla Marketing helps you to comprehend every facet of marketing and the more you know, the more you can achieve.

Energy alone is not enough, however. Energy must be directed by intelligence. Intelligent marketing is Guerrilla Marketing. Guerrilla Marketing is first and foremost focused on a core idea. All your marketing must be an extension of this idea: the advertising, direct mailing, elevator pitch, sales people, packaging, internet presence, the whole thing. It isn’t enough to have a better idea; you need to have a focused strategy.

Whether you have a business now or you have an idea – now is the perfect time for intelligent marketing. It’s time to build a very simple Guerrilla Marketing plan and a very simple Advertising Strategy.  Once you’ve launched your Guerrilla Marketing plan, you’ll keep track of which weapons are hitting your target and which are missing. Merely knowing can double the effectiveness of your marketing budget. Sound daunting? It’s not. Sound exciting? It is!

We will take you step by step to use Guerrilla Marketing for your idea and/or business. This is that critical time that you need to spend working on your business…not working in your business.  

Often, the only factor that determines success or failure is the way in which a product or service is marketed. Entrepreneurs who are Guerrillas get it right because they know the secrets of intelligent marketing —and so will you.

“Entrepreneurs need to govern tactical operations by marketing strategy and to weigh their marketing efforts against that strategy. They also need to examine all the marketing avenues available to them. The critical difference is the bottom line..." Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

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