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Guerrilla Persuasion - Connecting Selling and Marketing

Let's start with a few definitions from Google...

Marketingthe action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Sell - give or hand over (something) in exchange for money.

Persuadecause (someone) to do something through reasoning or argument.

Guerrillas know that marketing is persuasion at its core. You must persuade individuals or groups to part with one of their most prized possessions - their money.   Marketing is to selling as selling is to persuasion.  If you can't persuade, you can't sell. If you can't sell, you can't market. Persuasion is a crucial skill if you have a business and a fondness for money.

So how do you improve your persuasion skills?  Insight is the place Guerrillas start.  Insight about your prospects and customers and insight into your product and/or service. With those insights, you’re ready to answer the question: “who do I need to persuade?”. 

While that sounds simple, it’s where many miss the mark.  The right answer can lead to the attainment of profits and the fulfillment of your wildest dreams.  The wrong answer is like golfing with a blindfold on and no idea where the hole is.  You might get lucky but you’re not likely to get many balls in the hole.

When you know who to persuade, now you must also know what is important to them.  Every Guerrilla knows that research pays in profits.  If you already have customers, you have a gold mind of information at your fingertips.  Building strong relationships with your customers allows you to unlock what is important to them.  If you don’t have customers yet, social media puts many of the answers at your fingertips.  Use things as simple as LinkedIn and Facebook groups to get to know your prospects and your competitors’ customers.

With your knowledge of your service, who your customers and prospects are and what’s important to them; Guerrillas make smart decisions about how to persuade them.  If your product or service is about alleviating a hassle or saving time for your prospect, you may want your marketing to be straight forward.  If you’re prospect is already busy and over-burdened – overly complicated marketing will fail to persuade them.

Persuasion begins with connection. Knowing your customers and prospects means you know what methods of persuasion will have the greatest impact. Gentle persuasion or pressured persuasion. Slow motion persuasion or high-speed persuasion.

If you become a better persuader, you become a better salesperson. If you become a better salesperson, you become a better marketer. However, Guerillas know that even with all their efforts done correctly, some persuasion efforts will still miss the mark.  The importance is knowing where the fail points are, so you can immediately hone in. 

Guerrillas ask themselves questions after successful persuasions. "What was the critical insight that I used?" "How did I use it?" Of failures, they ask: "What insight should I have seen?", "How did my attempt miss it?". Frequently, failures are caused by persuaders failing to understand the person being persuaded.

Guerrilla persuading means connecting with consumers on the level of the mind. The connection begins in your own mind and it continues well after the sale is made. The more you know what’s important to your prospect, the more persuasive you will become. Guerrilla persuasion means: knowing your customers and prospects so well that you can connect their goals with yours. The key to improving your persuasion is spending the energy and doing the research. Walk a mile in your customer's shoes and see things through their eyes.


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