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Guerrillas Shine During Holiday Returns and Exchanges

Most businesses view returns and exchanges as a hassle and/or burden to their business.  Guerrillas see them as opportunity.  This is their chance to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.

Be friendly and welcoming of their return or exchange.  This is your time to be friction-less.  The customer has in the back of their mind that this might be a hassle and Guerrillas know that and treat the customer with extra appreciation to break through that friction and create a relax and enjoyable experience.

  • Be well staffed. If you have a line – offer bottles of water, a snack or anything appropriate.
  • Exclusive Valentine’s Day offer (encourage them to come back)
  • Fusion/Affiliate Partner offers (example, if you run a bakery, this is a great time to offer samples to your neighboring businesses that have customers doing exchanges – it’s a win-win for both businesses).
  • Offers for Today Only (they’re in your store or on your website – make it irresistible for them to shop with you).
  • Bring A Friend Offer (a promotion for you customer and a prospect).
  • Thank you gift and a follow-up card (the purchase may not have worked but this is your time to be memorable).

Remember: you may be dealing with the gift recipient and this is your chance to wow them and introduce them to your store/site and connect with them (ask them if you can stay in touch with them, offer then a discount when they sign up for email list).

Survey, talk and listen to your customers. These customers have a gold-mine of information that will help you grow your business and Guerrillas want to do everything possible to know and understand their wants, needs and dislikes. After you have made it very clear that you welcome their exchange or return:

  • Ask your customer about the product and track their feedback.
  • If there was a problem with the product, you want to go over the top to exceed their expectations as you correct the situation.
  • Send them a survey with a thank-you offer.
  • If the product is being returned because they didn’t like it, you need your back-end system to track that so you don’t market that same or similar product to them in the future.

Customers want to be known and they want to be appreciated. This is your opportunity to leverage your Guerrilla expertise and make long lasting connections.

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“When you ask the right questions, consumers will tell you what to do to make your business more profitable.  Simply by listening to consumers, you will do the smart thing far more often than if you simply decide to go it alone.”

Excerpted from – Guerrilla Marketing / (Kindle)

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