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Guerrillas Are Viral

Guerrillas Are Viral

Viral marketing is a combination of a number of influences, including good old word of mouth and the current fixation on early trend setting and spotting and Guerrilla Marketers know how to leverage the opportunity.

Guerrilla Marketing is Viral

Viral marketing may be so favorable and spread so rapidly that your product, idea or business can reap a fortune simply from it. Viral marketing is an effective marketing strategy and in fact, a strong viral campaign should be a part of your Guerrilla Marketing plan.

In its introductory campaign for a new phone, a phone manufacturer hired 120 actors and actresses to play tourists at popular attractions around the country, such as New York’s Empire State Building. These paid performers asked passersby to take their picture with the new phone. And what the unknowing consumer gets is a marketing message not from a corporate pitchman but from a much more powerful endorser: a cool, attractive, enthusiastic stranger. And so the viral marketing process begins. When it touches a topic or product of compelling interest, buzz can be an extremely effective way to spread the news without incurring much expense.

So, where do you start?

Everybody, even those in remote locations, has a circle of influence. This circle comprises your friends, relatives, co-workers, business associates, fellow club members, and even acquaintances. These people are usually the first who can, and are usually eager to help you in your quest for success at marketing. Not only can they become customers, but also their own circles of influence can become customers.

The great news is that absolutely everyone is part of such a circle. These circles of influence are often the starting points for a viral marketing campaign but many people overlook this opportunity. Fortunately, Guerrillas know to market to these people just as they would market to prospects, knowing that those in your circles of influence know you, trust you, and like you. That’s a wonderful place to start. It’s also a wonderful place to learn of your marketing weaknesses, if any. And it helps you to determine your most compelling benefits.

“It’s said that everyone knows at least twelve influential people. And those people probably know twelve more. And those twelve know twelve more. That’s a very healthy ripple effect for you. So be careful. Just as the good word about you spreads rapidly, the bad word may spread even more quickly."Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

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