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Guerrillas Build Credibility

In our last post we talked about whether you’re gaining or losing credibility. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to access the message you’re sending. In this post, let’s focus on how Guerrillas gain credibility and build their reputation.

Guerrillas gain credibility with your:

  • Advertisements
  • Columns, articles, newsletters and blog posts you write
  • Social media connections – Linked-In, Facebook, etc.
  • Presentations – Podcasts, You Tube videos, trade shows, community talks
  • Community involvement - business and social
  • Guarantee and warranty
  • Specificity instead of generalizations
  • Management of your ratings and reviews – you may not be able to please every customer so posting responses (to all feedback) can go a long way
  • Noble causes such as the environment or causes related to your business.

All these little things add up to something called your reputation. 

Your marketing and your reputation are developed with - commitment – which also fuels your credibility. When people see that you are maintaining consistency in your marketing and your reputation, they'll assume you're just as committed to quality and service.

All of your Guerrilla weapons must communicate the same meta-message - one that fits in with everything else in your marketing and with the reality of your offerings.

Credibility is not automatic, but it is achievable. Give presentations (online and in-person). Work hard for a community organization. Network with prospects, customers and other businesses. The idea is for you to establish your expertise, your authority, your integrity, your conscientiousness, your professionalism, and therefore - your credibility.

As a Guerrilla, your focused on the PR weapons. Leverage your positive PR by including it in your newsletter, blog posts, website, even in your store-front. Cost? A bit of time. Result? A lot of credibility.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Trade shows can enhance your credibility and so can free demonstrations.
  • Provide free consultations.
  • Provide free samples and request reviews/feedback

Whether your Guerrilla Marketing efforts are simple or glamorous, consistency is key.  Does glitz and glamour enhance your credibility? It can, but be careful that you don't send out the wrong message or an inconsistent message. If you're a discounter, glitz can sabotage your identity.

Wanna shortcut to credibility? Nudge existing satisfied customers into referring your business. Word-of-mouth is omnipotent in the credibility quest.

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"There aren’t many shortcuts to credibility, but your commitment to you marketing plan is one of the biggest contributors of all. And that doesn’t cost any money.”

Excerpted from – Guerrilla Marketing / (Kindle)

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