How Guerrilla Marketers Create and Measure Marketing Ideas

Is your current marketing distinctive because of its style or substance? The ideal answer is both. With its style, it conveys your identity and captures the attention of your targeted audience. With its substance, it makes essential points and motivates that audience.

Well-informed Guerrilla marketers see to it that both their style and substance are obvious but that their product or service always has the starring role in their marketing.  We've all had the experience of viewing a TV spot, or any type of marketing effort, and recalling the creativity but not the company or worse, having no idea what they are talking about.

The purpose of marketing is not creativity, awards, laughter or to spend money with the assumption that it will yield proportional results; the purpose is selling.  Accordingly, Guerrilla Marketers efforts are loaded with substance.  Your customers and prospects remember substance and they reward it by buying your product, remaining your customers and recommending you to their friends and business associations.

The world of Marketing professionals is filled with people who believe creativity is the most important element. Too many of them have been trained to create a gorgeous picture, a rhyming headline, or a flashy website when they should be trying to create an eye-popping upswing in your sales curve. Remember, if "creative" ideas cost you more than they earn for you, something is wrong with the equation. The equation should read, "creativity equals profits."

Substance consists of both facts and opinions. It communicates both features and benefits. It is as specific as it can possibly be and it effectively utilizes both words and images. It doesn't mean you can't have fun with it, it means "fun", that's the style and it's the bonus that comes after substance. Style makes marketing enjoyable to read and hear.

Now what?  You understand what you should do but how do you come up with (or evaluate) a great marketing idea? Fortunately, Jay Conrad Levinson, knew how important it was to answer the question "now what?"  To do so he created an audio recording to walk you through the process of creating great Guerrilla marketing idea.

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Given the relationship of substance to style, put your money on substance every time. But be aware that there are exceptions to this rule. If, for example, the very essence of your product or service is its style, you may want to convey that style as its primary benefit. The style is its substance.

But most businesses should not even think of selling with style at the expense of substance. Many have tried. Most have failed. Your task: stress your substance but do it with style.

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"The starting point for Guerrilla Advertising is not a headline, a graphic, a special effect, a music track, or a spokesperson, as in most humdrum advertising.  Instead – it’s an idea – something that is often missing from run-of-the-mill advertising.”

Excerpted from –Guerrilla Advertising / (Kindle)

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