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Is Your Marketing Impactful?

Is Your Marketing Impactful? 

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How can Guerrilla Marketing impact your business? Many people think Guerrilla Marketing is all about tactics and they don’t understand the cornerstone of Guerrilla Marketing…is a plan.

A plan…ugh.  How? Who has time for that? Guerrillas do! Guerrillas make the time to plan because they know how to do it...simply. Also, they understand that strategy (a Guerrilla Marketing and Advertising plan) comes before tactics. 

The tactics and tools of Guerrilla Marketing have been proven effective for decades. Why? Because the impact of Guerrilla Marketing is fully realized when you’re operating with a simple plan/strategy.

Marketing begins the second you have a product or service to sell.  In that second, crucial questions pop up: What is the name of what you’ll be selling? Where can people buy it? How much will it cost? How will people pay? How much will it cost you to produce it? What color will be on the website and the packaging?

How do you answer all of those questions and remain consistent throughout all of your efforts to sell your service or product? That's easy - operate according to a very simple Guerrilla Marketing and Advertising plan. Everybody can do that.

The impact of your Guerrilla Marketing is realized when you commit to and operate according to your plan. Not everybody can do that. However, Guerrilla Marketers are different because they do and they reap the rewards!

Most people expect quick answers, which don’t happen. Most people expect instant results; which don’t happen. Most people expect high profits at the outset. So, they abandon their plan and execute random tools and tactics. Without consistency, focus and measurement they stray, at best, away from their goal and, at worst, step straight off a cliff – while believing that marketing doesn’t work for them.

But marketing works for everyone – if you do it right.

Large company spends countless hours and mega bucks crafting a bloated marketing plan document. The plan is so overdone that is rarely ever looked at after it’s created. A Guerrilla Marketing plan works because it’s simple, easy to create and impactful to follow.

Because your Guerrilla Marketing plan is simple, you can easily commit to it. Think of your Guerrilla Marketing plan the same way that you think of GPS on your mobile device or in your vehicle. It’s very simple. You connect where you are to where you want to go, and your GPS simply and dynamically gets you there. Along the way you can see if you're headed toward your destination. You can also choose alternate routes to get to your destination.

Your Guerrilla Marketing plan gives you a focused plan to get to your goal and then keep growing your goals. With the focus you gain with your plan; you measure the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising efforts along the way and you know if you need to make adjustments. When you make adjustments, it's far easier to select new marketing and advertising efforts because your plan makes it clear if they fit (saving you from making costly mistakes).

If you’re operating your business without a Guerrilla Marketing plan, it’s as if you’re in an unfamiliar area, without GPS or a map and you can’t figure out why you’re not getting where you want to go.

The impact of Guerrilla Marketing is fully realized when you’re operating with a plan/strategy.

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“Marketing without a plan is like going into battle under a commander who says: ‘Ready…fire!...aim'.”  Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

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