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People Love to Share and Guerrilla Marketers Love to Be Shared

People Love to Share and Guerrilla Marketers Love to Be Shared

Guerrilla Marketing Sharing

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

When people read and share your content, it increases your reach without additional cost to you and we know that’s a Guerrilla Marketing Example worth sharing.  

Here are a few practical tips to help you develop your content, with Sharing in mind: 

  • Be interesting, credible, concise and entertaining.
  • Be consistent – whether you realize it or not, you’re marketing in everything you do with your business and consistency allows you to take every advantage to build familiarity, credibility and trust.  
  • People want to learn so give them simple “how-to” advice or lists of “ways to-do”.
  • Be unique - create content from your experience and your expertise.
  • Write in present tense to bring your reader into the action of a story – “Imaging this:  we’re having lunch and sitting right beside us is George Clooney…” or “I love this information and have to share this with you right now and I know you’ll want to share it with your friends too”.
  • Write in the active voice – “people adore cookies”, “dogs love toys” or “the cat chased the squirrel”.
  • Ask engaging questions – “are you living the life of your dreams?”, “are you dreaming big enough?” or “are your dreams limiting your potential?”
  • Let them know you appreciate and encourage sharing.
  • Utilize tracking and the comments to get to know your readers and what appeals to them.
  • Respond to comments to let people know how much you appreciate them.
  • Use a story – a “tell” instead of a “sell” but keep the above tips in mind

Increasing your reach, through writing content that get shared, is an important low-cost Guerrilla Marketing idea to utilize.

Want More Information?

In week 8 of our Guerrilla Weekly Ideas and Examples we expand on this topic. We provide research information about different personality types and their motivations for sharing - allowing you to focus your efforts on motivating your prospects and customers to share your content.

Guerrilla Weekly Ideas and Examples

Think of your content as a conversation - more than as a statement and a collaboration instead of a mandate. Don't be afraid to ask your readers to share their stores and information with you so you can it with your audience. 

“You can prove your generosity by your ability to listen and see things from your customer’s point of view. You can prove it by your willingness to share information, by the inside tips you give to your customers.” Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

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