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Putting More Force in Your Sales Force

Do you rely on sales people to sell your product?  If so, you can leverage and at the same time “refine” their selling talents by featuring them via video to have them sell on your website as well.

Most companies spend very little time on the skill development of their sales people.  However, successful companies engage in ongoing training and interacting with their sales people to ensure they are growing their product knowledge and sales skills. 

“Set aside one hour per week, every week, without fail, to work on the skills of yourself and your staff.”

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

Assuming you have a stable sales force (low turn-over rate); by letting your sales people do some of the ongoing selling on your website, you’re able to monitor their skills while creating a warmer reception for your sales people when they meet with prospects.  Now, as your sales people visit with potential clients, who have seen then on your website, the sales barriers have been lessened by creating:

  • Familiarity - a face to put with the name.
  • Credibility – the prospect already perceives your sales person as someone worth spending some time with.

People buy from those that they know, like and trust so your efforts to ensure that your sales force embodies those attributes will have you well positioned to win.  

“It’s far easier to sell the solution to a problem than to sell a positive benefit.  Target the people who have the kinds of problems you can solve.”

- Guerrilla Advertising, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

Here are some ideas:
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    Recorded Seminars:

    - Record a round table with your sales people talking about the problems that your company has solved for your customers.

    - Hold a recorded seminar or webinar for your customers, your prospects, or your clients to discuss your solutions and upcoming products or breakthroughs.

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    Recorded Q&A:

    Record your sales people providing the answers to the frequently asked questions that your business receives from prospects and existing clients.

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    If you provide a newsletter, provide a lead-off short sales video introducing the topics that will be covered to get people more interested in your products or services.  You can also use a sales video for product or service launches that is featured in your newsletter.

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    Video blog posts are also a great way for your sales people to connect with existing customers and prospects.  You can feature them in unexpected topics such as unusual or little know ways to utilize your product or service or to cross promote a product with a joint-venture.

Be sure to keep your video content fresh and interesting, even when it comes to static information such as the Q&A.  In the process of continually refreshing your videos, you’re creating ongoing learning and development for you sales people.  Equally, each time you post new content, you help your search engine rankings as well as your sales people will share it with colleagues, friends and family that could lead to unexpected sales opportunities.

Note:  However you decide to utilize video, be sure to have the written permission of all involved as well as having every “i” dotted and “t” crossed when it comes to releases and other legal/business/privacy concerns.    

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