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Secrets of Continual Improvement with Less Effort

Secrets of Continual Improvement with Less Effort

Secrets of Continual Improvement with Less Effort

“Don’t let business get in the way of the purpose of business. Be sure that your own efforts include working on your own business rather than simply the business it attracts. The means should not interfere with the end. "   Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

Guerrillas Strive to Get More with Less Effort. How do they do it?

Whether your business is a team of one (solopreneur) or a team of thousands, improving your sales and marketing efforts will create continuous improvement in your business. Most importantly, you can separate yourself from your competitors by closing your marketing and sales loop.

From your strategy to your tactics and dealing with customer objections, expert marketer Emerson Brantley will show you the path to make continuous improvements in your business.

If you weren’t at the Guerrilla Global Summit, you don’t have to miss out, you can still benefit from Emerson Brantleys' master presentation.  As a Master Marketing Thought Leader, Strategist & High-Conversion Copywriter, Emerson Brantley has masterminded over 8600 successful marketing campaigns, launches and tests for clients in the U.S. and 21 countries around the world and he will show you how you can improve your results with this Secrets of Continual Improvement with Less Effort master course.

Secrets of Continual Improvement with Less Effort

Emerson Brantley will walk you through the four biggest issues with your marketing and sales efforts along with:

  • Making Money with Less Effort
  • Repelling the Customers You Don’t Want
  • Attracting the Customers You Do Want
  • Seeing Your Customers Objections Differently

Join Emerson as he shares his years of success with Guerrilla Global Summit attendees to demonstrate how continual improvements will therefore make your business rock. Click here for a free preview and more information. Your time will be well spent learning how to get continual improvement in your business with less effort.

“The marketing fires are fueled by enthusiasm and passion. Enthusiasm means being honestly excited about not your product or service but what it can do for your customers. This kind of enthusiasm is highly contagious and very desirable. It shows to your customers. But it starts with you, the owner of the company and then spreads to your staff, salespeople, and customers and then to their friends and associates." Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

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