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What Do Guerrillas Do to Stimulate and Drive Traffic to Their Location?

What Do Guerrillas Do to Stimulate and Drive Traffic to Their Location?

Looking for ways to drive traffic to your physical business?  Guerrillas color outside of the lines when it comes to stimulating traffic at their physical locations.

  • Tastings (food and/or beverage). The more senses you can stimulate at once, the greater your opportunity for sales.
  • Work with your town to host community events at your location:
    • Green Market
    • Community Yard Sale
    • Chili Cook-off
    • Kids Festival
    • Charity Fund Raiser
  • Add convenience services:
  • Meet-up – host regular meet-ups at your location focused on a topic, networking or just socializing.
  • Host meetings for your local Chamber of Commerce or other business development organizations.
  • Host meet and greets with local personalities such as DJ’s (radio remotes), TV personalities, social media leaders and experts.

“The more publicity contacts you have, the more free publicity you’ll generate.  It’s that simple." Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

  • Fusion / Affiliate marketing with nearby businesses is also a great way to drive traffic to each other’s businesses.  Find a complimentary business and promote their offer at your location and your offer at their location.  To get your ideas flowing, here are a few examples of businesses that can pair well together:
    • Dry Cleaner – Shoe Repair
    • Coffee Shop – Wine Store – Wine Bar – Restaurants -Specialty Food Shops
    • Juice Bar – Gym - Yoga Studio – Pilates Studio - Fitness Apparel Retailer
    • Flower Shop – Gift Shop - Party Shop
    • Tire Store – Oil Change – Gas Station - Car Wash
    • Bicycle Shop – Athletic Shoe Retailer – Fitness Apparel Retailer - Food/Nutrition Store
    • Groomer – Pet Store
    • Hair Salon or Barber – Massage Location – Clothing Store – Nail Salon

“This time-honored way of doing commerce without spending money is common, very effective, and extremely simple to set up.  All you've got to do is ask.  Most business owners will go along with the idea because it makes so much sense.” Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

  • Give-Away/Freebies are a proven traffic driver. Whether you are giving away a free demonstration/presentation/seminar, a sample of something you sell/produce or you utilize an offer from a Fusion/Affiliate partner, people respond to free. Offering something for free helps you build relationships and trust which open the door to long lasting opportunity. Guerrillas appreciate long relationships with their customers.

“Guerrillas relish people who want more data… Prospects who have requested the data provide opportunities that don’t get much more golden.” Guerrilla Advertising (Kindle)

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