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Why Wouldn’t You Engage In Guerrilla Public Relations?

Why Wouldn't You Engage In Public Relations?

Why Wouldn’t You Engage In Public Relations?

Public relations means exactly what it says. It’s also accurate to say that it means publicity—free stories and news about you and/or your company in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, on radio and TV, and in any other type of media. It means any relationships you have with anybody. In fact, the purest form of public relations is human relations. " 

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Guerrilla public relations helps establish the identity of your business (or yourself). It gives you authority. It’s read by a large number of people, it builds credibility and it’s remembered.

Guerrilla public relations not only offers exposure, it also provides staying power. Positive publicity can be used for years on your blog or website, in your emails, presentations, brochures, direct mail and included in ads – and it can be leaned on as you build precious credibility.

Instead of paying for the publicity with money, you can simply pay for it with work: phone calls, writing, time, determination, and endless follow-up. But that effort will be worth your time. People who expend it say that PR really stands for profit.

An important factor in obtaining free publicity is to provide news worth publicizing. The news media need news, and if you have the news, you are exactly what the media are looking for. The opportunity for you is connect the dots between news worthy information and those seeking news.

The bestselling book Guerrilla Publicity, co-authored with Jill Lublin, is a must read for any business owner. As a business owner, your publicity efforts are broader than just getting your news publicized, your publicity efforts start the moment you open your mouth and speak a single word about your business or about yourself.

At the 2018 Guerrilla Global Summit, Jill Lublin provided priceless Guerrilla tools to get your business or message noticed - even with a small (or no) budget.  Jill Lublin shared her success story along with the stories of some of her clients while she worked directly with Guerrilla Global Summit attendees to craft their unique message to take them from “who are you?” to “I’ve heard of you somehow” and all the way to being considered a media darling.

If you couldn’t be at the Guerrilla Global Summit, it’s not too late to learn directly from Jill.  Click here for a free preview and more information.

From books to magazines to blogs to TV and radio, there is a massive low-to-no cost opportunity for you to drive your sales all while building your (or your company) believability, credibility and stature. Whether you choose to do it yourself, or you use the services of an expert, why wouldn’t you engage in Public Relations?

“The more publicity contacts you have, the more free publicity you’ll generate.  It’s that simple.” 

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