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Build Your Connections, Opportunities, Skills and Profits With Guerrilla Live Events and Consultations

When Guerrilla's come together, magic happens. They learn new techniques and find resources to grow their profits. A successful Guerrilla knows that collaboration is an easy and low-cost means of growing your sales. 

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Meet other business owners, skilled marketing experts and find opportunities to grow your Guerrilla knowledge and skills along with your sales and profits.

Live Events and Consultations


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What do people take away from a Guerrilla event?

This time-honored way of doing commerce without spending money is common, very effective, and extremely simple to set up.  All you've got to do is ask.  Most business owners will go along with the idea because it makes so much sense.

A Guerrilla builds, connects and helps the community.

Within that community are other Guerrilla allies that will become their assets.

Look around your community for business that have the same types of prospects that you do, then try to put together a joint sales promotion.