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7 Keys for Guerrillas to Sell Anything

7 Keys for Guerrillas to Sell Anything

7 Keys for Guerrillas to Sell Anything

The words you use to describe your product and its benefits are the key to the success of your business. Your sales copy is the only contact you’ll have with the vast majority of your visitors. That’s why you have to make the most of it. Your sales copy should immediately draw the reader in with exciting benefits and enticing copy so you can lead them toward the sale. It should establish your credibility—because nobody will buy from you if they don’t feel they can trust you. Describe the benefits of your product or service and explain why your visitors need it. It’s easy to be totally honest, which you should be—but it’s a bear to be believed."   Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

Your choice of words means everything to the success of your marketing and selling efforts.

A Guerrilla Marketer has a very simple focus when it comes to copy – find the words that inform, engage and motivate the prospect/customer to take action now. Your copy is vying for the readers attention along with the hundreds of other messages that surround your reader. How do you get your copy to make your reader take notice and say, “I want that”?

One of the secrets that Guerrillas, who attended the Guerrilla Global Summit this year know is that your customers have a buying language and if you’re not speaking it, you’re not reaching them.  

One thing you can be sure of is that your more successful competitors are doing a better job of speaking your customers buying language than you are.  However, it’s very easy for you to begin speaking your customers buying language and to do it even better than your competitor who obviously isn’t doing it perfectly because some of the buyers are choosing you.

Hopefully you know that a pillar of Guerrilla Marketing is knowing your customer and your prospect (check out our Getting To Know Your Customers post if you need more information).

Part of the challenge is determining the solutions that you offer that address your customers' problems (problems that they are may or may not be aware of but will recognize with your carefully chosen words).

If you weren’t at the Guerrilla Global Summit, you don’t have to miss out, you can still benefit from Jon Benson’s 7 Keys for Guerrillas to Sell Anything master presentation. Jon Benson is an expert copywriter with decades of success and he will show you how you can improve your results with this 7 Keys for Guerrillas to Sell Anything master course.

7 Keys for Guerrillas to Sell Anything

Jon Benson's copywriting success with email and video sales letters is legendary. In this course, he focuses on providing tools for any business to be able to easily market like they have six figure copywriter on staff.

Click here for a free preview and more information. Your time will be well spent learning how to accelerate your sales results.

“It’s just human nature that people enjoy doing business with folks they like. And I guarantee that they’ll like you a lot more if you smile at them, look into their eyes, and say their favorite words. It will make them feel special. It will prove to them that you will always treat them with special care." Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

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