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Are You Planning Your Success?

It's important to remember that a plan is not the same as control.  Just because you have a plan, it does not mean things are going to go the way of your plan.  Your plan won't control all of the variables that will come into play.  Where the Guerrilla will separate themselves is through the work they put into creating their plan.

The Guerrilla possesses the insight to begin planning with research.  Although the soul of planning exists within the mind of the planner, the heart resides in the research he or she does.  Knowledge gained from research will provide stability and reality to a plan while balancing boldness and timidity .  It will guide the hopes and ambitions of the planner while pointing to goals and tactics.  The more concrete the research, the more sensible the plan.

“Be clear on this: Research – although it can often serve as the spark for breakthrough thinking – is not intended to be a substitute for inspiration”

- Guerrilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

Plans gain strength as Guerrillas gain wisdom in these areas:

  • Product or Service:  Guerrillas learn what makes it different, better, desirable. They find ways to improve it and add value to it.
  • Benefits:  What are the benefits offered by the product and what are the unique benefits you offer? These should be reflected in the marketing plan.
  • Market:  Plans exist not in a vacuum but in relationship to an entire marketplace. Guerrillas become experts in their market before planning.
  • Industry:  Guerrillas want to see their industry as a whole to help them spot vulnerabilities and opportunities, to learn from successes and failures.
  • Competition:  Sane marketing plans are created according to dreams adjusted to competitive activity. Guerrillas are rarely taken by surprise.
  • Customers:  Rich sources of Guerrilla data are customers of Guerrillas and customers of competitors.
  • Prospects:  Savvy marketing plans specify who these people are because research identified and located them prior to the plan being created.
  • Media:  Guerrillas learn the best ways to reach their target prospects and incorporate the media in their marketing plan.
  • Technology:  Because speed and efficiency can spur effective marketing, Guerrillas look into how technology can propel them to their goals.

The end result of research should be an arrow pointing in the right direction and a bow with the power to get the arrow to the target.  The marketing plan is the quiver in which the bow and arrow are kept.


Guerrilla Marketing Weapon #78

Research Studies

“Just as one hallmark of the Guerrilla marketer is ongoing learning, another is ongoing research. Researching your marketplace should never stop”

- Guerrilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

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