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Business Cards – Guerrillas Wallet-Sized Advertisement

Business Cards - A Wallet-Sized Advertisement for Guerrillas

"A business card is often the first thing a person will learn about your company."Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

There are many things to consider about choosing a business card design. The most important thing to get perfect...READABILITY. 

It's great to be creative with your business card and to utilize it as a wallet-sized advertisement. However, don't lose sight of the purpose of your business card which is to clearly and easily share your contact information to make meaningful and profitable connections. You want prospects, customers, potential partners and any other recipients to be able to make a fast and easy connection with you.

Mistakes to avoid:

  • Tiny print
  • Fancy fonts
  • Graphics behind the text
  • Background colors
  • Too much contact information
  • Abbreviations (clarity is more important that being clever)
  • Print that is not horizontal
  • Company names only in logo format
  • Card stock or other material that is too thick or rigid

The most important test of the readability of your card is to scan it. Those who receive your card and want to make or keep contact with you, are going to load your information into their database. That is likely to happen via scanning - either with an app or a physical scanner. So be sure to scan your card with as many apps and devices as possible to ensure that your text is easily recognized.

Simple black, plain text may seem boring but you'd much prefer to have your contact information scan-able and in your recipients' database. Then you can establish or build your connection, vs. being a "blank contact" in their database because the scanner couldn't read your information.  

If you're lucky your card, that couldn't be scanned, might get placed in the recipients pile of "I'll get to that someday" cards. Those cards need to be manually added to their database. Now you've not only slowed the connection, you've left a ton of room for keying errors. One digit off and you're not getting the call or one character off and you're not getting that game-changing email. If you're not lucky, the recipient may not even know your card couldn't be read (you're a blank contact in their database). Now your opportunity to make a connection, has slipped through the recipients hands...straight into the trash can. 

So, take the time to make sure your contact information is easy to scan. Once you've done so, it's time to make your card stand out in all of the right ways. The back of the card is the best place for your creativity. Here are some ideas to stand out in the crowd:

  • Give something away
  • Make a promotional offer
  • Attach your easy to read card to a memorable object (ensuring your card can be easily separated from the object for scanning)
  • Have an area where you can add a note (where you met, a time/date you set for a meeting, etc.) and be sure you've chosen a card stock and finish that allows you to write
  • Feature your photo
  • Use a simple web address that has all of your contact links
  • Use a QR code

Utilize your business card to entice the recipient to take an action that creates a productive connection.

"Don’t overlook the marketing power of a business card. A good one costs only a tiny bit more than a bad one—and you know what they say about first impressions."Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

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