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Guerrilla Tips to Save Time and Money with Your Printed Materials

Guerrilla Tips to Save Time and Money with Your Printed Materials

Guerrilla Tips to Save Time and Money with Your Printed Materials

Guerrillas think first of saving marketing money by not wasting marketing money. Be sure you understand the distinction. Getting the lowest price on something isn’t nearly as important as getting the most profitable results from something. Saving is nice, but it’s secondary to profiting."   Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

So much of marketing is focused on digital but the need for printed materials is still paramount for many businesses. If yours is a business that needs printed materials, here are some Guerrilla tips to save you time and money.

If you want to promote your expertise and experience, refer to the year you started, not how many years you’ve been in business. “Proudly providing exceptional service since 2003” is timeless. “Proudly providing exceptional service for five years” is limited and needs to be updated every year.

Pictures are always engaging but they are also time-sensitive. A group shot of your employees and/or partners looks great but employees and business partners come and go and sometimes those that go, head to your competition.

Only use your web address and a generic email address (e.g. info@...) and make it very easy for customers or prospects to find your "Contact Us" page on your home page. Your physical address. phone number and individual email addresses are always subject to change. Why incur the cost of re-printing your materials when your business needs to move into a new location or when your success grows, and you add locations.

If you hold or distribute materials at events (conferences, presentations, etc.), take a look at which pieces can be timeless (e.g. name badge holders, lanyards, programs, folders and give-aways). For those items, don’t include the date, city, event milestone (i.e. “The Fifth Annual…”) or other time sensitive information that is applicable.

Separate Your Materials Into Pieces
Instead of a brochure, consider creating a timeless and high-quality presentation quality folder or envelope that can hold your dynamic/changeable and less expensive sheets of paper, card stock or postcards.

  • Your insert sheets can be printed on your own high-quality printer for maximum flexibility with design and customization to ensure that your materials get read instead of added to the pile on your target customers desk.
  • You can also have business card (or larger) holders or slits added to your folder/envelope, so you can print business cards (or larger) with a time-sensitive message or offers that can easily be changed out.

By making timeless pieces you can order your materials in larger quantities which often has little to no additional cost to you. Printing becomes very cost efficient with quantity so making your piece timeless keeps money in your pocket that you can otherwise use to drive your profits.

TIP: When you’re printing and distributing large quantities, talk to you printer to see if they offer a discount to include their logo/contact information on your materials. You’ll not only have the benefit of reduced cost, you’ll also have their eye on the printing quality of your materials since their logo is now on it as well. Guerrillas are always welcoming of fusion marketing opportunities.

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