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Is Your Retail Business Guerrilla Ready for the Holiday Rush?

Is Your Retail Business Guerrilla Ready for the Holiday Rush?

Is Your Retail Business Guerrilla Ready for the Holiday Rush?

Retail opportunity is about to start knocking, as the holiday rush nears, is your business Guerrilla ready?

A jeweler wanted to attract attention to his business during the holiday season, so he invented outlandishly expensive gift ideas, such as a Frisbee with a diamond in the center. Price: $5,000. Another was a miniature hourglass that used real diamonds instead of sand. Price: $10,000. Another was a jewel-encrusted backgammon set with a price tag of $50,000. The jeweler rarely sold such items, but he attracted national publicity, and his holiday sales soared."   Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

The holidays offer great opportunities for Guerrilla Marketers:

These are all fantastic sales opportunities and you want to Guerrilla ready for every possible opportunity and sale. There is nothing a Guerrilla Marketer enjoys more than customers and prospects who are already in the mood to buy and the holidays do a lot of that work for you. As you're working through your preparation checklist, consider these Guerrilla ready ideas and examples:

Coupons – knowing your customers will give you the upper-hand in creating offers that appeal to your prospects. Of course, as a good Guerrilla Marketer you will market not only to your prospects but also to your customers - offering them exclusive opportunities and an incentive to refer new business to you.

Gift Cards – the perfect gift that always fits. Giving a gift to the gift card buyer that they can redeem in January is a great way to be remembered after the holidays.

Gift Ideas – make gift giving easy for your customers with prepared suggestions, bundles and packaging.

Make It Easy – go out of your way to make it easy and fun to purchase from you.  From in-store entertainment to refreshments, free Wi-Fi, fun holiday selfie/Instagram props and in-store giveaways.

Be a Social Media Darling – this is the time to be posting, liking, sharing and commenting. Poke fun at holiday traditions, such as: ugly sweaters, fruit cakes and people’s holiday driving and parking habits.

Charity – consider donating a percentage of your profits to charity and give your customers the opportunity to participate, offer fund-raising items for sale, arrange to be a drop-off location for local or national drives (toys, food, etc.).

Public Relations – news media outlets are looking for stories – be actively providing them with content, samples and ideas that showcase your store or product. Whether it's lists of gift giving ideas, top selling items, demonstrations of your product (especially if it's a food product or you're a chef/restaurant that can do on-air demonstrations or Q&A's) or it's a story tied to your charitable efforts, be the source of news. The bestselling book Guerrilla Publicity, co-authored with Jill Lublin, is a must read for any business owner that wants to drive their profits with the often under-utilized efforts of public relations.

Fusion Marketing - there is no better time to work with business owners in your area to offer joint promotions.  "Get 20% off a holiday bouquet from Daisy-Do with a purchase of $50 or more at your location" or "Get a free coffee from Need Some Joe with a purchase of $50 or more at your location" - all while your Fusion Marketing partner markets your promotional offer at their location.

Shop Your Competition - you're a Guerrilla Marketer and that means you actively monitor what your competitors are doing. A Guerrilla business is nimble - but focused on their Guerrilla Marketing Plan. Be ready to pivot, as needed, to what your competition is doing but stick to your Guerrilla Marketing Plan and out-maneuver your competition (you can change some tactics without changing your focus).

Catalogs, Wish Lists and Top Sellers - help your customers narrow down their options while making it easy and visual to make gift selections that make them feel great.

TIP:   …mail your catalog before Christmas. People want to buy at that time, and you’ve blown an important opportunity if you don’t mail then. Everybody mails their catalogs at that time, but they do so because people are buying before the holidays. The infamous bank robber Willie Sutton said, when asked why he robbed banks, “Because that’s where the money is.” Holiday time is when the money is.  – Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

Need help unlocking your creativity?  The Guerrilla course Create Your Advertising Strategy and Unlock Your Guerrilla Creativity, will set you on your way.  Take a look at our free preview.

As the holiday rush nears and you ready your Guerrilla business - may your holidays be filled with Guerrilla generosity, hospitality and profits!

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