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It’s All in the Details When It Comes to Your Customers

It's All in The Details When It Comes To Your Customers

It's All In The Details When It Comes To Your Customers

"Traditional marketing is based on experience and judgment, which is a fancy way of saying “guesswork.” But guerrilla marketers cannot afford wrong guesses, so it is based as much as possible on psychology —laws of human behavior." Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

If you’re a small company, a new venture, or a single individual, you can use the tactics of Guerrilla Marketing to their fullest. You have the ability to be fast on your feet and to use a vast array of marketing tools.  You have the ability to get to know details about your customers that will help you to create valuable long-term relationships.

Marketing is the painfully slow process by which you move people from their place in the sun to their place on your customer list, gently taking a grasp of the inside of their minds and never letting go. Each component that helps you sell your product or service is part of the marketing process. No detail is too insignificant. In fact, the smaller the detail, the more important it is to a customer. The more you realize that, the better your marketing will be. And the better your marketing is, the more profit you will make.

The one-on-one capabilities of the small business represent an extraordinary opportunity to business owners who recognize a good thing when it stares them in the face. Small businesses can win and keep business; they build and grow the business by focusing on seemingly tiny details. The small business can get up close and personal with its customers. There’s a certain warmth associated with being a mom-and-pop business. You can benefit from the close personal connection associated with small business simply by injecting an extra dollop of warmth into every aspect of the business.

How do you get to the details with your customers?

  • Reviews – read every review you receive and read every review your competition receives
  • Surveys 
  • Questionnaires 
  • Tracking – knowing what messaging worked to draw in a customer gives you a strong foundation
  • One on one – capture the details of your customer while talking to at your location or phone/email. You can do lectures, seminars or giveaways that give you the opportunity to have one-on-one time.
  • Psychographics

As you gain this detailed knowledge, it’s important to understand psychographics and the how and why marketing works. Jay Conrad Levinson, the creator of Guerrilla Marketing, created an audio course to help you understand consumer and Guerrilla behavior. Click here to learn more and to enjoy a free preview.

“Marketing is more of a science every day as we learn new ways to measure and predict behavior, influence people, and test and quantify marketing. It’s more of a science as psychologists tell us more and more about human behavior.”  Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

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