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It’s The 12 Days of Giving!

It's The 12 Days of Giving!

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It's the 12 Days Of Giving and we would like to share with you something important, that you may not know.

 Jay Conrad Levinson’s Vision Was Always, and Ours Continues to Be:

You’ll read some of the Guerrilla Marketing advice and say to yourself, “I knew that.” You’ll read other revelations and say, “We could do that!” You might even say, "We used to do that, it worked and now we don't do that and we don't know why!" We don’t blame you for being excited about the power of marketing, Guerrilla Marketing to grow your business. We’ve been excited since Jay first thought of bringing Guerrilla Marketing into the B-age, the age when entrepreneurs think of Billions rather than Millions

Marketing experts see today as two separate ages:

  • One requires the age-old principles of patience and commitment for the eventual profit.
  • The other requires a can’t-refuse offer, a large and responsive mailing list, and online dexterity for the quick profit.

The Guerrilla Marketer of today operates comfortably in both ages.

Guerrilla Marketers are delighted that marketing is undergoing so many changes. These marketeers are aware that most of their competitors are looking the other way when it comes to modernizing their marketing and getting it to bloom in the sunshine rather than simply look pretty. But to get it to bloom, you’ve got to be the sun. You’ve got to be the energy that keeps your marketing alive. Lean closer and become intimate with the reality of the next two sentences.

  1. Guerrilla Marketing is about theory and action. We supply the theory. What kind of action are you supposed to take? The first is gaining an understanding of what marketing really is and why Guerrilla Marketing is putting so much money into so many bank accounts around the world. 
  2. Become aware of your options as a Guerrilla Marketer. With so many new options now available to Guerrillas, it’s almost too easy to succeed. But we know that’s your job, and it’s our job to help. So let’s get going.

Beginning tomorrow for the remaining 11 days of giving, we will arm our subscribers with theory, inspired action and the options available to you to become an expert winner of new customers, more lucrative customers and a more fun business. This will be like a master course in what works today and how to get it to work for your business.

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