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Split Testing Made Easy

Split Testing Made Easy

Split Testing Made Easy

Why Split Test?

Split testing is an easy and inexpensive way to improve your marketing results. When it comes to your website you can test elements such as colors, copy, image and more on your pages. As you refine your elements you can increase your conversions and/or engagement time to increase your search rankings.

Is It Difficult to Learn How to Split Test?

Sound too difficult and expensive?  It’s not and we have a video course to take you, step-by-step through the practical tools that will help you effectively optimize your pages and increase your conversions. You’ll learn the most common elements to test, along with how to create test variations and, importantly, how to analyze your results.

You must ask yourself, “why wouldn’t I learn an inexpensive way to increase my website performance?”. We make it easy to the practical tools and resources you need with our video course that will have you ready to take immediate action.

Enjoy a Free Preview /Introduction:

Split Testing Course

Split testing is an important on-going activity that will help you continually increase your conversions and improve the amount of time customers and prospects spend on your site.

Whether you want to learn more about split testing or any other skill to help grow your business, our step-by-step video courses are, each, under an hour. These courses allow you to add new Must Know Skills to your Success toolbox. It’s far faster and easier than you might imagine to be ready to reap the rewards when you implement these skills.

Don't waste a moment...opportunity is knocking so be sure to answer the door and welcome-in your increased success.

"Guerrillas often start with a big goal, a plan, and only part of the resources they need to reach that goal.  When they get stuck, or come across a challenge, they don't back off or try an easier route.  They inventory what they need to learn or discover to take the next step and they intensely focus on that competency until they master it."  Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Kindle)

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