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What Are Your Dreams?

Many times people establish a goal and they set out to achieve it.  Whether it's your own business, a professional or personal objective most people see the goal and then work to get themselves from where they are to where they want to go.

Guerrillas plan backwards, beginning with the attainment of their loftiest goals in the future, then working back to the present.  If you can allow yourself to visualize success, the path to it will be easier to find.

The greatest challenge is allowing yourself to dream beyond the potential you may think you have.  To allow yourself to see and believe that you can achieve your dreams will allow you to move from shortsightedness (focusing only on the path) to the unlocking of your potential to transform.

“The one thing I’ve learned working with great entrepreneurs - Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Google - that if you want to make a difference, you better think big and dream right from day one.”
- Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook

Barnard College. New York. 17 May 2011. Commencement Address.

As you allow yourself to dream, you'll likely run smack into perceived obstacles.  Instead of allowing those perceptions to stop you, what if you chose to believe that you're at your goal and your looking back - realizing that you attained your goals all along as you were planning for your distant future?

Guerrillas visualize their company at its finest in twenty years in order for it to operate at its peak in ten years.  By knowing what must be accomplished for optimum performance, you can see where you must be in five years.  That helps you concentrate upon what must be done by the end of one year.  By working through that process it will be easy to know what you've got to do tomorrow, today and right now.


Guerrilla Marketing Weapon #1

Marketing Planning

"Guerrillas often start with a big goal, a plan, and only part of the resources they need to reach that goal. When they get stuck, or come across a challenge, they don't back off or try an easier route. They inventory what they need to learn or discover to take the next step and they intensely focus on that competency until they master it."

- Guerrilla Marketing Remix, by Jay Conrad Levinson (Kindle)

Guerrilla businesses operate by marketing plans that factor in success, growth, change and flexibility.  A Guerrilla achieves with a plan that clearly shows the path upon which he or she is traveling and the destination.  The Guerrilla plan helps in all decision-making -- from advertising to personnel.  It has room for expansion, diversification and success.  Although it enables the business to operate in the here and now, it keeps a sharp focus on the there and then.

The Guerrilla plans shine a bright light far ahead, illuminating a target that exists in the mind of the owner.  That owner must put that same target into the minds of those who work with him/her -- the employees and coworkers, marketing partners and suppliers.

Check out the next post, "Are You Planning Your Success?" for more information.

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