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What Is Your Guerrilla Marketing Story?

What Is Your Guerrilla Marketing Story? 


“Marketing is the art of getting people to change their minds—or to maintain their mindsets if they’re already inclined to do business with you." – Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

Guerrilla Marketing makes the truth fascinating and motivating.

The truth being your core story, the benefits of your product, the uniqueness of your service the things that make your business stand apart in the sea of marketing messages.

When you think about your truth, one of the most important things to first distinguish is that you're communicating it to your prospects and, if you have them, your customers as well. Guerrillas know that more than half your marketing time should be devoted to your existing customers.

Now that you are clear on who your story is directed at, it’s time to view things from the vantage point of Guerrilla Marketing. Your Guerrilla Marketing story connects with and motivates people when you realize that it’s your opportunity to help your prospects and customers succeed.

Your prospects and customers want to succeed at earning more money, building their company, losing weight, attracting a mate, becoming more fit, quitting smoking and so much more. You can help them. You can show them how to achieve their goal. Marketing is not about you. It’s about them. From the vantage point of Guerrilla Marketing, you’ll never forget that.

If you want to create a story or refine your existing story, spend some time learning from Jill Lublin, a Public Relations expert and co-author of Guerrilla Marketing Public Relations. Jill provides priceless Guerrilla tools to get your business or personal message developed and noticed - even with a small (or no) budget to get it noticed.  

Jill Lublin shares her success story along with the stories of some of her clients while she works directly with Guerrilla Global Summit attendees to craft their unique message to take them from “who are you?” to “I’ve heard of you somehow” and all the way to being considered a media darling. The Guerrilla tools you'll gain will make an impact on your success.

How do you measure the success of your story? You’ve achieved a Guerrilla Marketing story when it’s fascinating, engaging, attracting prospects, retaining your existing customers and your measuring it by the size of your profits. Guerrilla marketing reminds you that the size of your profits is how you measure your marketing success.

Your story can be fascinating and motivating and break sales records and cause the company to lose money in the process. That is not a Guerrilla Marketing story.

“Profits are the only numbers that tell you the truth you should be seeking and striving for. If it doesn’t earn a profit for you, it’s probably not Guerrilla Marketing.”  Guerrilla Marketing (Kindle)

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