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When Does A Guerrilla Delegate?

When we think of entrepreneurs that inspire us, we all tend to think about an individual person instead of taking note of all the people they surround themselves with to grow their success. 

People think of:

  • Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook - but may not be aware that Facebook relies on over 25,000 employees.
  • Jeff Bezos and Amazon - but may not be aware that Amazon relies on over 560,000 employees.

Those figures, of course, don't begin to account for the number of people at the vendors and agencies that Facebook and Amazon delegate to.

So, what’s the point? The point is, that to grow your business, Guerrillas know that delegation is a powerful weapon.

Let’s look at your advertising as an example. There are several core components in establishing your Guerrilla Advertising Strategy.

  • Research
  • Defining your target audience
  • Defining your prospect action goals
  • Selecting your media
  • Developing creative and persuasive ideas
  • Production of your advertising

Guerrillas know that understanding the process of what needs to happen is important to lead yourself to success. Guerrillas also know that they can’t let themselves get in the way – instead they keep the tasks that both suit their skills and their time resources and they delegate the other components. Allow yourself to be excellent at delegating to other qualified and like-minded Guerrillas. Taking action get’s you much closer to your goals than sitting on a great idea that you don’t have enough time to execute.

"Don’t let your ego get in the way of delegating, and don’t try to do everything yourself because you want to save money. This is the primary symptom of a condition where an advertiser willfully saves dimes but wastes dollars. This is no place to save money. This is where you must not waste money."

Excerpted from – Guerrilla Advertising / (Kindle)

Delegation doesn’t just help a Guerrilla maximize their time, it also helps them tap into a larger pool of creativity, skill and talent. Through delegation, a Guerrilla finds:

  • New products to create or offer
  • New ways to engage and connect with their customers and prospects  
  • More information about your competitors (and therefore your own) strengths and weaknesses

If you’d like to delegate but you’re the dollars and cents are holding you back…you’re not utilizing your Guerrilla sense. Barter or trade goods or services, utilize fusion or affiliate partners and profit share, consider bringing partners into the business that can drive it further forward than you can (you can have the entirety of small pie or a lesser amount of a huge pie).

Ideas are just ideas – Guerrillas take action to turn ideas into profits.

Need help developing your Guerrilla advertising strategy? Spend a few minutes of your time and walk through the process of developing your advertising strategy (in just six sentences). From that point, whether you want to do it yourself or just understand the process, you’ll also learn about Guerrilla creativity (ten important things to know about Guerrilla creativity and the seven steps to unlocking your Guerrilla creativity) and the exercises to help you create and evaluate powerful marketing ideas.

Create Your Advertising Strategy and Unlock Your Guerrilla Creativity

We wish you happy and successful Guerrilla marketing.

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