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When Great Guerrilla Minds Come Together…Profits Happen

What is the "edge" that gives someone the life and lifestyle every entrepreneur and business owner dreams of? Do you want yours to be that kind of business owner and/or entrepreneur?

The one universal "game changer" for small businesses and entrepreneurs is having low-cost, highly-effective marketing strategies and tactics that bring in new clients, generate ongoing sales, create endless referrals without breaking the banks. That game changer is Guerrilla Marketing.

When Jay wrote Guerrilla Marketing in 1984 he started a revolution in marketing that became the best known marketing brand in history. Named by Time magazine as one of the “25 Most Influential Business Management Books” of all time, Jay’s concepts have sold over 25 million copies in over 65 languages.

Traditional or “regular” marketing requires spending lots of dollars on advertising to get more brand recognition and generate more sales. Jay realized small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t typically have lots of money, but you have other ways to get the word out if you invest time, energy and imagination. As Jay said, “money helps, but is not as necessary as time, energy and imagination.”

He coined the term "Guerrilla Marketing" to describe hundreds of “unconventional” marketing techniques you can use when your financial resources are limited or non-existent.

So what? What’s in it for you? Why should you attend the Guerrilla Marketing 2019 Influence and Profit Live, November 1st - 3rd?

2019 Guerrilla Marketing Influence and Profit Live Preview

A good question, and one at the heart of the Guerrilla Marketing way of doing business. This is the event for you, If you seek:

  • to invest wisely in your business and marketing (instead of throwing money at the problem).
  • to work according to a plan that is "consistent, dynamic and productive" instead of hit or miss campaigns.
  • more customers, prospects, leads and referrals that you can engage with to create profitable and long term relationships.
  • to expand or grow your business with less effort than you might think.
  • to have an attitude of abundance - and want to look at the incredible opportunities to grow your business this year-- and beyond.
  • to grow from the wisdom and insight of peers and other experts.
  • to give your own value to help other attendees and find opportunities to collaborate.

Guerrilla Marketing is the solution you’ve been looking for if you are…

  • a business owner, entrepreneur, professional, even a solo-preneur – but you are TIRED of stagnant, slow growth and ready to blow the doors off your competition!
  • ready to get specific tools, tips, methods and resources to get more customers, sell more products and services, and do it all for little or NO money out-of-pocket!
  • ready to start marketing smarter, for less money and with greater results!
  • wanting to focus on growing your business, delivering your quality products or services.
  • building a close network of like-minded entrepreneurs while growing your business. Owning a business is a lonely profession… there are a lot of others who speak your language and can help your business grow.
  • looking for to have ongoing access to leading experts to show you how to tap into today's most effective strategies, proven methods and effective weapons and jump way ahead of your competition.

Now's the time to get it done. If you're stuck - get unstuck. If you're not growing - get back to growth. If you're not taking action - register now! Seating is limited

2019 Guerrilla Marketing Influence and Profit Live Preview

What you will find are business owners and entrepreneurs who are focused on being the best of the best. This creates POWERFUL "cross-pollination" of ideas and techniques you've never even considered before…and immediate action steps to create massive results for each and every participant, including you. If you have a vision and commitment to continually grow and improve, you won't want to be left out.

Stay connected to Guerrilla tools, tactics and strategies

Guerrilla is for businesses and individuals that pursue excellence and want to do and be the best in every aspect.

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