Guerrilla Marketers are Different – Because Being Different Makes You Stand Out

Guerrilla Marketers are Different – Because Being Different Makes You Stand Out.

If you have competitors, and you likely do, being good is important but being different is what makes it matter that you’re good.

Let’s look at a few scenarios:

  • If you need to go to the grocery store today, do you immediately know which store you’re going to go to?
  • If you need to get the oil changed in your car, do you know where you’re going to go?
  • If you need to get your hair cut, do you know who you’re going to contact?
  • If you need to go to the Doctor, do you already know which Doctor that will be?

These are all scenarios that most consumers play out on a regular basis. Most consumers will establish a routine habit of buying and they will often pass by other providers of the same service to get to the one they have selected. But how did they make that selection?


Personality of the service provider

Skill of the service provider



Suggestion from a friend 

Selection of products

Quality of the products or service


Reviews or rating​

Of course, it’s a mix of all the above, and more, that makes a customer choose a business/service. Your opportunity is to leverage your differences at every turn to ensure that you stand out and you’re the go-to company for your target customers.

Let’s look at a company that entered a very competitive retail space but they chose to be different - Whole Foods. Their customers typically drive further and pay more for their products. Their customers often pass several other places where they could buy a similar product and perhaps at a lower price.  Why?  Because Whole Foods connects with their customers by being different.

Whole Foods began to build their brand by telling the story of how they knew they had a business that mattered when a group of loyal customers and neighbors came together to voluntarily clean and re-stock their original store after a devastating flood, only one year after they opened, in Austin, Texas.

They grew their brand by bringing products to the customer that were grown and prepared differently and they educated the customer as to why that mattered. They have differentiated themselves with everything from their store design​ to how they let their customers experience the difference (product sampling, prepared food bars, etc.) and in many cases by simply talking to their customers and making personal connections.

While standard grocery stores were reducing the personal connections in their stores, Whole Foods took a path that differentiated themselves. Whole Foods put educated employees back into the experience of grocery shopping so you could have a conversation about the produce, fish, meat, cheese or even personal products that interest you. By utilizing employees to connect with and educate their customers, they were also creating customer loyalty. As Guerrilla Marketers know, a loyal customer is an amazing resource to spread your message and grow your happy customer base and to grow your profits.

Whole Foods differences are what made them relevant and what made them stand-out. They are a great example of how deploying multiple Guerrilla weapons will separate you from your competitors while helping you establish strong customer relationships and loyalty.

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