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Authentic Guerrilla Marketing Speakers

There is no other source for authentic Guerrilla know-how.​  

Make your event a success by providing engaging, success driven content.  

Our speakers provide Guerrilla tips and tools to increase sales, customer satisfaction and business productivity.

Our speaking presentations run from an hour for a keynote speech up to four hours for a half-day program. Even longer programs can be arranged with workshop activities.

During our time on stage, we will clarify Guerrilla Marketing, excite and inspire the audience with stories and tactics of Guerrilla Marketing and create an aura of excitement at the opportunity to breathe life into your marketing techniques.

We will explain the key differences between Guerrilla Marketing and traditional marketing, the 200 weapons of Guerrilla Marketing, prove that marketing is now a science and delve into the personalities of successful Guerrilla Marketers.  We'll reveal the key secrets of Guerrilla Marketing, the truth about online marketing and steps to take to earn serious profits while delighting your customers with a Guerrilla Marketing plan.

Our presentations are tailored for each audience we address.