Human Media: Authenticity is a Cornerstone of Guerrilla Marketing

Human Media:  Authenticity is a Cornerstone of Guerrilla Marketing

In the last two posts, we’ve focused on a low-cost Guerrilla weapons category which is Human Media. We’ll continue that focus in this post.


Guerrilla Marketing Weapon #100, Yourself.

You’re fully aware of your intentional marketing and we hope you’ve invested time, energy and imagination into analyzing and refining your appearance and presentation style.

But you may be undermining that investment if you’re not paying attention to things that matter to others even more than what you say, such as:

  • Authenticity
  • Keeping promises
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Initiative
  • Reliability
  • Passion
  • Punctuality
  • Demeanor
  • Gratitude
  • Sincerity
  • Dialogue

Your customers sense passion and more importantly, the absence of it. They notice how well you listen to them. As the adage says: “people don’t care how much you know… until they know how much you care.”

Accordingly, it’s vital that you become aware of some of the subtle influences that can promote or hinder the image you project to clients and prospects.

After analyzing your attributes, step back and take a good hard look at your current marketing materials. You may want to redo some of your messaging to project a fine-tuned, positive and what is the most importantly – an authentic image.

It’s important to own both your attributes and your shortcomings. Being upfront with potential customers can lead to long lasting relationships which is the goal of any Guerrilla Entrepreneur or Marketer.

If you are always late, own it. Make your appointment windows broad enough that you have a reasonable chance of success and you respect your customers time. Offer a “we’ll pay you” guarantee if you’re late. It holds you accountable and it communicates to potential customer that you’re busy but you care their time and you honor your commitments.

If reliability is an issue in your industry, offer a guarantee such as “money back” or “satisfaction guaranteed”. If your competitors offer guarantees, it’s important that you do as well. Otherwise, you’re giving your competitors an advantage as a potential customer evaluate the attributes of the competing companies.

Additionally, consider utilizing surveys with your customers after you’ve provided a service. Whether your customer takes the time to complete it or not, it shows your customers that you care about their satisfaction and it gives the customer an easy way to let you know if there were any concerns. As a side benefit, you can utilize the survey to gather testimonials by having a “tell us what we did to satisfy you” box. It’s very easy to implement survey tools with companies like Survey Monkey.

“Human kindness is part of the spirit of Guerrilla Marketing.  Warmth and caring are also part of it.  Personal attention is still another part.  None of these cost money.  And they don't even ask for a lot of time, energy and imagination.”

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