Human Media: Guerrillas work with Intent

Human Media:  Guerrilla's work with Intent

In the last Blog post we discussed the importance of appearance, focusing mainly on physical appearance.  Beyond the physical appearance, let’s dig a bit deeper into the image you project to clients and prospects who meet you face-to-face.


Guerrilla Marketing Weapon #100, Yourself.

Work with Intention

Guerrilla Entrepreneurs control the messages they send — it’s all about intention.  Non-guerrillas send unintentional messages and often, those messages sabotage their overall goals.  They want to close a sale for a consulting contract, but their inability to make eye contact or the mumbled message they left in a voice mail or their un-kept appearance turns off the prospect.

Guerrillas Entrepreneurs send no unintentional messages.  Unintentional messages create an insurmountable barrier.  Your job is to be sure there is no barrier.  There are really two people within you — your accidental self and your intentional self.  Most people can conduct about 95% of their lives by intent.  But that’s not enough.  It’s the other 5% that can get you in trouble.

Make no mistake, the idea of intention is for you to be who you are.  But equally, for you to be aware of what you’re doing and aware of whether your actions communicate an image and appearance that will help you get what you seek or will keep you apart from achieving your goals.

A great self-check is to take a personal inventory.  How do you send messages and market yourself right now?

1. Appearance

2. Eye contact

3. Body language

4. Speech patterns

Take a few minutes and record a video of you giving your elevator pitch.

As you watch it, first close your eyes and just listen to the words.  Then mute the sound and just watch your physical presence and gestures.

Those message elements combine to create the attitude that you project.  People are constantly judging and assessing you by noticing many things about you.  You must be sure the messages of your marketing don’t fight your goals and dreams.

Take a few more minutes and review your video again while directing an objective evaluation at each of the following items to see if where you’re aligned with what you intend to project:

  • Clothing
  • Hair style
  • Facial hair
  • Fitness
  • Jewelry
  • Make-up
  • Fragrance / Cologne
  • Smile / Frown
  • Posture
  • Handshake
  • Energy level
  • Tone of voice

To further enhance your understanding, ask a varied group of people around you to look at that elevator pitch video that you recorded earlier.  Ask them to give their input and see if it matches your self-assessment.

If you’re thinking that this an investment in vanity and “who cares what other’s think?” – the reality is that as a Guerrilla Entrepreneur, you understand that you’re a brand and your brand attributes matter.

“An obvious truth to absorb is that people like to do business with people they like.  Your job is clear.  Be like-able.  If you are, you’ll probably be your best marketing weapon.”

“The cost your having a sparkling and winning personality?  It’s zero.  But the cost of your having a downtrodden or off-putting personality is depressingly high.”  

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